February 11th, 2022

5 Ways to Level Up Your Home Office

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February 11th, 2022

Here's 5 ways to level up your home office and keep you motivated and productive at home.

  1. Find an Ergonomic Chair and Desk 

This is a very important investment that you do not want to cheap out on. Having a comfortable workspace can help improve your productivity and your body. You’re probably sitting in your chair for a few hours, so it’s essential that you find one that’s comfy. Apart from finding a comfy chair, adding an adjustable standing desk can benefit your posture and health. You can find affordable standing desks on Ikea starting at $239. Standing desks are great because they can adjust to your height and you’re able to change your position every once in a while. Do your research and shop around to find which chair and desk is the best fit for you. 

Check out the 5 Best Office Chairs in Toronto here: https://www.thebesttoronto.com/top-office-chairs-toronto/

  1. Have Good Lighting

You don’t want to strain your eyes while working. Having good lighting can help you focus better and reduce eye fatigue. Spend some time and test out where you want your desk to be placed. You don’t want to be working and have a glare on your screen the whole day. A well lit room can definitely motivate you to do better compared to a dim, dull room. One of our favourite options is the Nanoleaf! Nanoleaf sells smart colour changing light panels that can be sync to your music, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. You can use the panels to create your own design on the wall and bring light into your office. 

  1. Create a Desk Setup and Declutter Your Space

It’s best to assume that most of your work will be done on your desk. The way you set up your deskspace can determine how productive you are. You don’t want to work in a messy workspace because clutter can impair your work performance. Too much stuff is stressful and can be overwhelming. Keep a garbage can and recycling bin near you, so you can trash whatever you don’t need. Simple organization tools such as desk mounts or paper trays can help make your desk less clutter. Indigo has a great selection of desktop organization items. 

  1. Bring Home Some Green (AKA House Plants) 

Having a plant or two in your office space can help purify the air and also spruce up your room! A few easy to care for plants include snake plants, ivy, monsteras, pothos, and peace lily. They require minimal watering and they do well in any light conditions. Those common house plants can be usually found at your local garden nursery or big box stores. Don’t want to commit to a real plant? That’s okay. You can also pick up some faux plants that look just as great with no care. Research has shown that creating a “greener” workplace can boost productivity and happiness. 

  1. Decorate the Office

Designing and carving out the ideal home office can keep you focused at work. You can keep it simple and modern or unique and colourful. In order to craft out your office, you want to focus on functionality, storage set up, light, and accessories. You can use up wall space by putting up wallpapers, paintings or photos to add a pop of colour in your workspace. Decorating your office will take time, but it’ll be worth it! If you get tired of the layout, you can always change it around and switch up the furniture in the room. You want to make sure you’re comfortable enough to spend all day in there. Check out 65 home office ideas over on Architectural Digest.

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