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August 13th, 2023
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Explore how to execute Return to Office (RTO) Survey to help companies understand and resume their productivity.

We have discovered and learned why employees need to return to the office. This includes return-to-office plans, policies (whether that's the hybrid work policy), regulations, and also bring an RTO template that looks at the flexible work model. We are evolving into many types of work models. Simple learnings are to return to the office to have a better collaborative work environment. 

Return To Office (RTO) Survey comes in handy with getting a deeper sense of what the company will be looking for that can include:

  1. How the company sees itself developing which that survey would consist between Executives and Higher Upper 
  2. Getting to know what is needed for their employees and how they can bring more incentives for them to have their productivity day or week. 
  3. Also, knowing what day works for them to get them into the office and having team-building relationships that are healthy within the working environment

👉 So get to know the foundation of the Return to Office Survey for 2023 recommended by Litespace.  

Why Does Your Company Need to Return To Office Survey?

Companies need to do RTO Survey to have a better understanding of what the company is looking in terms of: 

  1. Their Employees 
  2. What changes need to be considered for the future?
  3. How can we build our own leadership in supporting all levels of the company? 
  4. Looking at the Future Scope to bring more retention and the work itself 

Simply having an overall understanding of the company and its future goals. As we have learned to thrive from the pandemic, Return to Office has been quite the toughest one that companies are facing in the past years. 

So surveys do come in handy to bring new terms & policies to be implemented such as having a hybrid work policy and flexibility to do work at your time. 

How Do Employees Reflect When It Comes To RTO Survey?

Employees need options, what I mean by that is that employees are critical to the company since they are the driving and thriving force of the company. Bringing them to the office looks at a lot of their work + life aspects like: 

  1. Spending time with family during work hours 
  2. Their schedule within their own flexibility and freedom 
  3. How do we match both expectations to create purpose or connection 
  4. Open to Feedback and Support 

There are way more aspects we take a look at but the whole point is that employees bring those actionable items to life within their workplace by having a team. That is impactful and the team will all follow their opinions. 

Since remote work will be used but not as much because employees are encouraged to hold social and educational events to bring other company members together as one. The location doesn’t matter, it is about the employees having their own flexibility and freedom to be able to prioritize their work. 

Template + Questionnaire of the RTO Survey 

Creative and Easy Survey Sites 

The template for the return to Office Survey is simple and easy. So there are many survey sites and software we can use to create surveys for all the executives and employees. 

Survey Sites and Software: 

  1. Google Forms (Free to Use if you use Google Workspace) 
  2. Microsoft Forms (Free to Use if you use OneDrive)
  3. Survey Monkey 

For Fancy & Creative Surveys you can use Typeform, which this site offers a lot of creative ways to do surveys. You get these features on our free plan: Unlimited type forms. 10 questions per typeform. 10 responses per month.

Types of Format to Include in Your RTO Survey: 
  1. Open-Ended Questions 
  2. Likely Scale Questions
  3. Multiple Choice Questions
  4. Response Questions - If needed  

Return to Office (RTO) Focused Topics To Include For The Questionnaire:
  1. General Background 
  2. Work From Home (WFH) Experience
  3. Communication Process
  4. Preference About Returning To The Office 
  5. Health and Safety Practices - After Post COVID

Full Sample RTO Survey Template 

From above we will use the focus topics and build a full survey template for Questionnaire to showcase what type of formats work best with those questions. 

➡️Add Company Background and Explain why this survey is being assessed 

  • It should be at least a paragraph, no longer than that 
  • Provide a Link to share with the company members 

Note : 

  • The survey must not be long that exhaust the surveyor from doing the survey 

General Background

Questions: 2

Types of Format: Scale from 1 to 5 

Question 1: On a scale of 1 to 5, how confident are you in your company's capacity to overcome the operational issues presented by COVID-19?

[Include the scale from 1 to 5]

Question 2: How well-informed do you feel your employer has about the adjustments and actions done in response to COVID-19, on a scale of 1 to 5?

[Include the scale from 1 to 5]

Work From Home (WFH) Experience 

Questions: 4 

Type of Format: Multiple Choice Questions and Scale Questions (1 to 5) 

Question 3: Do you believe your present work-from-home setting is comfortable and allows you to be effective and productive?

⭕No, I don't feel like I'm doing anything constructive in this setting.

⭕No, I complete my work, but I don't feel like I'm doing it to the best of my ability.

⭕Yes, I feel just as productive as I would in my typical workplace environment.

⭕Yes, I feel more productive now than I would in an office.

Question 4: Do you believe you have the necessary tools and resources to carry out your job effectively from home?

⭕Yes, I have the majority of what I need, but I don't have everything I need.

⭕Yes, I have all the necessary equipment to work from home.

⭕Not at all, I feel totally unprepared.

Question 5: On a scale from 1 to 5, do you think your current work environment is suitable for long-term remote work? 

[Include the scale from 1 to 5]

Question 6:Do you think working from home will allow you to do your job well?

⭕At home, I am unable to do my job well.

⭕I am capable of doing my job well enough from home.

⭕Being able to work from home allowed me to go above and beyond.

Communication Process 

Questions: 5

Type for Format: Multiple Choice Questions and Scale Questions (1 to 5)

Question 7: Do you think your current priorities and responsibilities are clearly defined?

⭕I don't feel as though my employment is giving me a clear path.

⭕My tasks are a little bit specified, but not enough.

⭕My present tasks and priorities are clearly defined.

Question 8: Have you been able to reach your manager or supervisor when you needed them?

⭕No, I have a lot of difficulty contacting my manager.

⭕When necessary, I can sometimes contact my management.

⭕Yes, I can contact my manager easily when necessary.

⭕My manager is always reachable if I have any questions.

Question 9: Can you efficiently and frequently communicate with your teammates?

⭕No, I'm completely unable to interact with my teammates.

⭕No, I don't talk to my teammates all that much.

⭕There is some communication with my teammates, sort of.

⭕Yes, I regularly communicate with my teammates.

⭕Yes, I interact with my teammates in a timely and productive manner.

Question 10: On a scale of 1 to 5, how at ease are you taking care of your family as needed while working?

[Include the scale from 1 to 5]

Question 11: Do you feel at ease discussing personal concerns with your manager?

⭕Not at all, no.

⭕Occasionally, depending on the topic.

⭕I do, in fact, feel really at ease.

Preference About Returning To The Office 

Questions: 3

Type of Format: Multiple-Choice Questions

Question 12: What aspect of going back to work are you most anticipating?

⭕Returning to my regular job schedule.

⭕Observing and collaborating with my coworkers.

⭕Being able to speak with someone in person.

⭕Reestablishing a healthy work-life balance.

Question 13: What part of your job do you like best?

⭕My work.

⭕The package of pay and perks provided.

⭕Greetings, coworkers. I like interacting with the people I work with.

⭕Our company atmosphere and culture, such as flextime, office lunches, and workplace outings.

Question 14: Would you wish to be able to continue working from home on a regular basis after this time period?

⭕Yes, I do truly favor working from home frequently.

⭕Yes, but having access to an office once or twice a week would be preferable.

⭕No, I would rather work from the office.

Health and Safety Practices - After Post COVID

Questions: 5

Type of Format: Scale and Open-Ended Questions  

Question 15: How comfortable are you with returning to the office when the time is right, on a scale of 1 to 5?

[Include the scale from 1 to 5]

Question 16: What would you require in order to feel safe returning to the office? [Open End]

Question 17: You will be expected to take your temperature before entering the office as part of a routine and to give your employer the results. How comfortable are you with this criterion, on a scale of 1 to 5?

[Include the scale from 1 to 5]

Question 18: People may need to put on a face mask, put on disposable gloves, and keep a six-foot distance from their coworkers while returning to the office. How at ease, on a scale of 1 to 5, would you feel working in those circumstances?

[Include the scale from 1 to 5]

Question 19: What other aspects of your work habits may the pandemic experience cause you to alter?  [Open End]

Companies Who Have Done RTO Surveys  

Companies that have applied this method have increased more employees coming into the office. Since this is the scattered first step of the Return to Work Strategy for the company to become more knowledgeable and understand your needs for a better work-life balance. 

Here is a list of Companies from Fortune that have applied and given their reasoning for having employees back in the office: 

  1. Amazon 
  2. Starbucks 
  3. Disney 
  4. Twitter (X) 
  5. Citigroup 
  6. ZOOM 

These companies are starting to use a push-back strategy to have employees return to the office slowly with a smooth transition to be on track. The reason why companies are now returning back to the office is the fact that the measure of productivity has reached a certain level for remote employees. 

Here are more resources from Litespace:

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Aqsa Aamir

Aqsa Aamir is a Digital Strategist at Litespace and has a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. Aqsa has experience in several areas of business and digital strategy. Aqsa's proficiency in creating hybrid work tactics to offer guidance in content planning. Her current focus is on hybrid work models and culture building in marketing. 


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