May 27th, 2022

How to Manage Team Meetings in the Hybrid Workspace?

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May 27th, 2022

Learn how to manage your team meetings under hybrid workspace to avoid scheduling conflicts. We provide great tips for you!

Basics of hybrid meetings 

A hybrid meeting gathers employees working on site as well as employees working from home or in a virtual environment. It is essential to bridge the gap between the in person and remote hybrid attendees. With the use of the right technology and tools, teams can connect and share information in real time. Hybrid meetings are beneficial because it lets employees attend who otherwise would not have been able to attend. 

It can get a lot difficult when employees are working from different time zones. Adding time zones to your organisation's calendars is a good way to schedule global meetings in advance. Have members share if they would be attending the meeting in person or virtually, making it easier for the host on what to expect. Rearranging the meeting room so everyone who is physically present can be seen on the virtual screen and everyone feels included. The challenge here remains for the host is to create an engaging experience for both. 

Here is what you can do to help your team adjust to this new setting and collaborate effectively

  • List down meeting priorities 

It is essential to list down urgent matters to discuss, key personnel in a project and what you aim to achieve in this meeting.

  • Setting goals 

To increase engagement and to make virtual attendees actively participate in the meeting, it is important to let them know what the meeting agenda is and the goal.

  • Ask for feedback 

It is always helpful to ask others about suggestions and inputs. Asking for feedback gives everyone an opportunity to learn from others and value opinions. 

  • Test technology 

One of the most important factors of a hybrid meeting is using the right technology and tools. Testing it before time saves time and avoids interruptions. 

  • Time shifting 

As much as we try, not everyone can join a meeting in real time. It is important to record the meeting and share it with your team so they can share their thoughts and ask questions if needed. 

  • Inviting attendees 

If you aren't sure, invite only the ones that can contribute to the hybrid meeting. Making it optional for other team members. 

  • Note taker 

Alternating roles can make the process easier and gives everyone a chance to participate and engage in the meeting. 

Hybrid meetings can help in teamwork, collaboration and discussion because it doesn't interrupt meeting cadence if some employees are not physically present. 

Creating connections in the hybrid work environment is more important than ever. Team bonding is necessary for collaboration, to boost productivity, motivation and for employees to enjoy their work. Technology and tools can help build connections between distributed teams. Many companies have non - work channels that help engage employees. Connecting with co-workers who have similar interests makes work more enjoyable and helps strengthen relationships among team members. 

Hosting virtual happy hours, trivia nights help alleviate workplace stress and help employees feel more connected to their colleagues. 

Meetings are an integral part of the workspace as they help in collaboration, decision-making and building company culture. But the workspace culture is evolving, and we must adapt to it. For making hybrid meetings easier businesses need the right room booking tool, with that you can ensure that the space is not overbooked, there are no interruptions and have an oversight of who is using the space. You can also book the space for future meetings and this overall helps in using the hybrid space efficiently. 

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