Return to Office: Motivational Insights

September 16th, 2023
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Motivation comes to us in all matters but how we approach it to take that motivation in with us is different. Well, a similar case with “Return to Office” or “Back to the Office” with simple aspects of work-life balance was highly motivating for each employee. 

Return to Office has taken an all-around trip as a trendy topic with new insights, plans, policy changes, and companies coming to demand their employees to return! 

2023 has been a game changer where Artificial Intelligence (AI) rises each day and returns to office as employees are adapting to new ideas for return to their workplaces. 

What Motivates You The Most About Returning To Office? 

So what exactly are the motivational aspects that make us return to the office? Here are some facts when comes to motivation vs. return to office: 

  1. Workspace design should be less dense for employees to have the open space they are looking for within the workplace. 
  2. The transition of your return to office plan must be relaxed and smooth with no trouble from employees' understanding.  
  3. Communication is a must that will increase the amount of workflow allocated to the team or the projects they are working on. 

Motivation tips that teams in workplaces should always look out for is how well the team is managed by supervisors or managers. Employees observe people when they first arrive or return to the office. This helps them get to know the work environment from observers and when they connect the experience is different.

What types of Motivators are Companies Using? 

The types of Motivation companies have looked into after the pandemic provide cohesive details that will help the overall aspect for employees and others. Questions to understand employees or any employees’ motivation at the workplace as Google uses their Feedback Manager Survey to have a complete level of motivation. 

Every company is different when it comes to dealing with their internal and external motivation to improve their employees or work environment. 

Internal Motivation is Intrinsic. Here is what Intrinsic Motivation looks at: 

  1. The level of motivation comes within 
  2. You do your tasks solely and you're getting satisfaction out of it, not for the reward. 
  3. These types of motivators are non-financial 
  4. Is more efficient in the long run as it comes internally 

External Motivation is Extrinsic. Here are what Extrinsic Motivations look like: 

  1. Encouraged by external factors
  2. You are drawn towards the rewards of completing that task. 
  3. More efficient in the short run. In the longer run it tends to become unstable 
  4. These types of motivator looks at both aspects of financial and non-financial 

Resource 👉 All You Need to Know about Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivators 

😁Employees Motivators Insights 

Motivation Aspects 

Employees are the motivators that keep the level of motivation in a cycle for the workplace. At the same time, the employee motivator brings something new that either new employees learn from or give feedback. 

Here are Employee Motivators that have shifted in 2023: 

  1. Collaboration with coworkers. 
  2. Leadership interaction.
  3. Company culture.
  4. Opportunities for learning and development.
  5. Processes within the company. 
  6. Personal Life 

I would also add that work-life balance from an employee perspective has given more control, so they can bring new vision that improves their mission to grow. The perspective of an employee's new patterns of change and adaptability in Return to Office. 

Return to Office Aspects 

Nowadays, Return to Office is at a peak and employees are motivated to return. The return phase back into the office assesses employees to bring new ideas, approaches, and innovative projects for the overall growth of the company. 

🧑‍💼Managers Motivators Insights 

Motivation Aspects 

Managers' motivation is slightly viewed differently with the understanding he or she is your superior or your supervisor. But that doesn't mean they are different from employees within the same work environment. 

Here are manager motivators' perspectives that we take a look at in 2023: 

  1. Plan your objectives.
  2. Create a clear purpose for your job.
  3. Concentrate on the overall success of the team.
  4. Find opportunities that will challenge you.
  5. Set realistic expectations for oneself and the other team members.

There are different types of managers that will challenge you to learn or try new things at workplaces. Managers who focus on performance get to know their team members less on their personal side. Managers who collaborate and show their genuine side to support their team members build better connections. 

Team Building supports managers to:

  1. Create New Goals 
  2. Team Outing Activities 
  3. Have a fun and exciting work environment 
  4. Provide feedback or Assist accordingly 
  5. Creates more value to enjoy your work and work environment 

Return to Office Aspects 

As managers are returning to the office with more open communication as they have planned with their team. Open Communication helps with fostering creativity and innovative ideas, which supports them to increase their own managing skills with their team. 

There is more towards the RTO for managers that are: 

  1. Employees are open to communicating their issues.
  2. The team helps him or her understand more what level of difficulty they may support. 
  3. He or She tends to investigate new projects and ventures as their team grows. 

Executive Motivators Insights 

Executives are those motivators who look at the overall growth and assess ventures, projects, and tasks for the company. These motivators are letting teams, managers, and their employees know that returning to the office brings more to the company with their innovative ideas. 

  • They are the main drive of motivators to bring new innovative or technological ideas 
  • Employees and Managers follow along those motivators to enlighten and create a meaningful project.  

They believe that employees, particularly younger employees, need to collaborate in person to build the skills and knowledge that allow them to grow and advance. To provide that mentoring, experienced professionals must be present on site.

Aqsa Aamir

Aqsa Aamir is a Digital Strategist at Litespace and has a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. Aqsa has experience in several areas of business and digital strategy. Aqsa's proficiency in creating hybrid work tactics to offer guidance in content planning. Her current focus is on hybrid work models and culture building in marketing. 


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Aqsa Aamir

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