Jan 21st, 2022

Your 101 Guide for Hybrid Work Model

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Jan 21st, 2022

Here's the hybrid work 101 guide that paves a clear path for new ways of working. Learn everything you need to know about the hybrid work model, from the challenges and benefits to the tools & technologies needed.

What’s a hybrid model? 

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s difficult to determine when it’s fully safe to return back to the office again. Since 2020, many organisations such as Hubspot, Apple, Microsoft, and Slack have embraced the new normal of the hybrid workspace. The term “hybrid” has been the new buzz word going around, but what is it? Hybrid work allows employees to have the flexibility to work remotely and in the office. More employers are shifting to hybrid work and changing how the company works.

Perks of a hybrid model

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hybrid work for employees and their companies. 

1. Employees have a better work-life balance 

Employees are more productive because of the flexibility of being in control of their work schedules. An organization that prioritizes work-life balance can help employees from being burnt out. Accenture surveyed 9,326 employees on the future of work and 83% of workers prefer a hybrid model. Employees want the best of both worlds and more are preferring a hybrid or remote model over working entirely in the office.

Employee's Ideal Work Environment

(PWC, 2021)

2. Save money

It’s a win-win for both the employer and the employees. Companies don’t have to invest in a bigger space because less office space is needed. Employees can save on commuting because they can work in the comfort of their own homes. (research completed by Harvard and Stanford University)

3. Increase hiring diversity 

Instead of just hiring people from the area, your company has the opportunity to access a wider talent pool. A bigger pool means you can find more talented people and increase productivity levels at work.

How to get started on a hybrid work policy?

Not sure where to start? We have some tips on how to start adopting the hybrid work model. 

1. Build a positive workplace experience

Although not everyone’s in the office anymore, you still need to keep up the great work culture! In Accenture’s study, people are driven to work from home because it makes them feel safer. For those who don’t always show up in the office, you can encourage employees to take part in virtual coffee chats or team-building activities. Snack Nation has created 57 virtual team-building activities to boost your employee morale.

What drives people to want to be remote?

(Accenture, 2021)

2. Be transparent with your employees

It’s important to be transparent with your employees and make sure they’re up to date with the work policy. Companies should get input from their employees before enforcing a hybrid work model. This can be done through surveys or meetings. Involving employees in the process can motivate them to work harder and create a better work environment. Don’t forget to also collect continuous feedback, so your company can continue to thrive.

3. Have the right tools 

It’s essential to figure out communication methods and office schedules. Some popular collaboration tools include Slack and Microsoft Teams. A hybrid office doesn’t require employees to show up to the office five days per week, so it’s important to allocate space for employees without an assigned seat. Employees can book a desk in advance with a booking tool like Litespace.

In summary

The hybrid work model isn’t new, but many more businesses are starting to adopt the model. No one knows exactly what the future will look like, but we do know business growth depends on a productive team. 

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