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Stay in the loop with your team's work hours

Increase transparency across your team to build stronger connections and enhance collaboration.

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How Team Leads Can Use Litespace

Eliminate Scheduling Challenges

Juggling 1-1s and team meetings often leads to scheduling conflicts and time wasted on back-and-forth communication. Litespace analyzes availability, making scheduling hassle-free.

Benefit: By finding the perfect times for 1-1s and team gatherings, you'll amplify productivity, ensuring meaningful interactions without the stress of conflicting schedules.

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Promote Strong Team Culture

Planning events from quarterly team meetings to socials is simplified with Litespace. Our event dashboard provides 100+ different in-person and virtual event suggestions to make your weekly social interesting.

Benefit: Take out the headache in event planning and get closer to enjoying time to connect with your coworkers.

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What We Can Do For You

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Increased collaboration

Encourage your team to connect based on their interests, goals, and availability, to foster a stronger sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

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Schedule management simplified

Your team has clear visibility into each other's work hours, promoting collaboration and minimizing confusion.

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Build career journeys

With stronger relationships between managers and employees, you can support individual career paths with more transparent conversations and mentorship.

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Dedicated Support

Our dedicated client support team is always available to help you get the most out of our platform.

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Listen To What Our Customers Say

My team was struggling to connect outside of work. With Litespace we were able to find common interests and have more meaningful connections across the team.

A picture of Sarah Hwozdyk, Operations Coordinator at Crowdlinker
Sarah Hwozdyk
Operations Coordinator @crowdlinker

Litespace has completely solved scheduling conflicts that used to plague our 1-1s and team meetings. Now, we effortlessly find the perfect times for any kind of meeting.

A picture of Hrayr Mkrtchyan, Co-founder of Tech Daisy
Hrayr Mkrtchyan
Co-founder @techdaisy

Since using Litespace, my team has found it easier to know exactly when I am available and when I am not. Also, working with an international team has made it significantly easier to know everyone’s working hours.

A picture of Julian Divito, Product Lead at Sightly
Julian Divito
Product Lead @sightly

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