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Build a Smart and Customized Employee Experience

With automated tools that schedule, plan, and analyze, Litespace fosters productive and engaging teams.

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Faster, Smarter, and More Engaged Teams

Smart Coffee Chat Recommendations

Build connections that actually take off - we'll synthesize the team's goals, interests, and availability to connect you with your perfect match.

AI-Optimized Hybrid Scheduling

No more replanning, tool-switching, and endless coordination. Litespace's customized smart schedule accounts for all team needs.

Optimize Your Team Meetings

Different time zones, office locations, and changing availability is no problem for Litespace's smart meeting planner.

Seamless & Automatic Team Onboarding

Overcome scheduling, location, and coordination barriers to build a welcoming and supportive work culture. Our AI onboarding program seamlessly welcomes new team members.

Step into the Future with AI-Enhanced Workspaces

Deliver Powerful Insights for your Workspace

Data without action is just numbers. Litespace's AI analytics deliver personalized insights and actionable plans to help you make meaningful improvements for your team's success

Customize your Employee Experience

Get rid of administrative overload by instantly generating customized smart schedules, meetup opportunities, and team events - all tailored to your team's needs.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Never stress over office admin again. Our smart features tackle the tedious side of event creation, scheduling, and meetings, so your team can solve the problems that matter.

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Optimize, Automate, and Customize - With Litespace's AI-Powered Solution