Event Management

Hybrid Event Planning Made Simple

Drive employee engagement by finding the best time to host any event, from professional meetings to social gatherings.

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Seamless Event Coordination

Build Meaningful Relationships
Encourage your team to connect with one another based on their interests, goals, and availabilities, to foster a stronger sense of camaraderie and collaboration.
Effortless Event Planning with AI Recommendations
Litespace identifies your team composition, interests, and goals to recommend the best event for the team - whether it be a formal dinner or a group watch party!
Meet at the Best Time, Every Time
Our AI-powered analytics take everyone's schedule into consideration to suggest the best time and place to bring the team together, ensuring high attendance rates and maximum participation.
Embrace the Power of Connection

Less Time Planning, More Time Connecting

Never stress over event planning again - Litespace handles the ideation and coordination, so you can finally take a step back and enjoy your company events.

Increase event attendance

Litespace keeps team schedules up-to-date, guaranteeing the best attendance rates for your events. We'll help you build an inclusive and engaging company experience.

Foster Meaningful Employee Relationships

Build a vibrant and engaging workplace by easily planning social events. From milestone celebrations to catered lunches, we've got the team covered.

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Meet at The Best Time, Every Time