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Create a workplace designed to empower team culture through making collaboration simple
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Arrange and manage events

Make work social again by empowering employees to create events either in-office and or remotely, making team culture a priority. Scheduling events can vary from welcoming new hires to getting together for drinks with favorite colleagues.

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Invite colleagues to connect

Creating an event means you get to decide who you would like to meet with. Invite favorite colleagues, new employees, or get together with the whole team.

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Improve office attendance

Make office attendance visible to all employees, encouraging others to join as well. Continue to keep your hybrid team connected through adding events and team office days when it matters most.

Make Team Collaboration Simple

Have Litespace recommend the days that work best for selected colleagues based on their location status and room capacity limits. Save time and create events that everyone involved can book.

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Include Colleagues in the Event Decision Process

Having the decision be all up to one person is stressful, let your selected co-workers decide which day works best. Select days to be added to a poll and let the group decide.
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