Hybrid Scheduling
Make Every Trip to the Office Worth It

AI hybrid scheduling recommendations, so your team can make the most of everyday

Revolutionize Your Work Schedule with Litespace

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Take the Guesswork Out of Hybrid Work Scheduling

Litespace considers who you need to meet, and when you need to meet in order to recommend a hybrid schedule that optimizes team productivity, both in the office and at home.

Tailored for Each Employee

Work isn’t one size fits all. Litespace’s intelligent scheduling tracks individual preferences, meetings, and activities in order to make customized recommendations for each employee.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Forget needing a dozen emails & messages to coordinate coffee chats - Litespace engages your team easily, encouraging both spontaneous & planned meetings.

Unlocking the Power of Litespace

Increase attendance by 40%

Streamline your hybrid scheduling process to create an office experience employees can enjoy.

Re-build Company Culture

Help your employees form the meaningful personal connections that create vibrant workplaces.

Minimize Administrative Overhead

Automate your planning, so your team can spend their time doing more phenomenal things.

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