Hybrid Scheduling

Make Every Trip to the Office Worthwhile

AI-powered scheduling recommendations, so your team can get the most out of their work day.

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Revolutionize Your Work Schedule With Litespace

Take the Guesswork out of Hybrid Work Scheduling

Litespace considers who, when, and where you need to meet - and recommends a hybrid schedule that optimizes team productivity both in the office and at home.
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Coordinate With Ease

Schedules are not one-size-fits-all. Litespace's smart scheduling shows you when your teams are going into the office and helps you build a customized schedule.
An illustration of a man holding a laptop in front of a circle. He is using AI recommendations to build a customized schedule around his colleagues.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Forget needing a dozen emails & messages to coordinate coffee chats - Litespace engages your in-office and virtual teams, helping them schedule spontaneous & planned meetings.
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Unlocking the Power of Litespace

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Increase attendance by 40%

Streamline your hybrid scheduling process to build an office experience where teams thrive

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Re-build Company Culture

Help your employees form the meaningful connections that make workplaces shine

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Minimize Administrative Overhead

We'll automate your planning, so your team can tackle the important tasks

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Optimize Employee Productivity, Wherever You Work