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Working Remotely Should Not Mean Working Alone

Bring your virtual teams closer with engaging activities, global scheduling, and opportunities to sync up and connect.

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Connected, Visible, and Transparent Remote Teams

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Save Time with Asynchronous Check-Ins

Our AI chatbot, Lisa, automates your daily/weekly sync to help the team stay on track - no matter where they are.

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Increase Team Visibility with Coffee Chat Suggestions

It can be hard to find opportunities to connect during remote work. Litespace considers your schedule, goals, and interests to suggest your next coffee chat!

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Time Zone Magic: Remote Scheduling Made Simple

Schedule remote team events effortlessly across all time zones and locations with our smart scheduler.

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Virtual Events Don't Have To Be A Struggle

Litespace identifies your team composition, interests, and goals to recommend the best virtual event for the team!

Make Remote Work More Engaging

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Improve Your Team's Visibility

Maintaining remote team visibility can be challenging. Litespace provides daily syncs and activities that foster connections, helping your team stay aligned no matter where they are.

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Foster An Engaged and Excited Virtual Workspace

Remote work shouldn't mean disconnected work. We'll help you create an inclusive and lively virtual workspace where team engagement thrives.

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Automate Your Workflows

Litespace takes care of tedious tasks with our AI tools, freeing up time for your remote teams to connect and collaborate on important projects.

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Can Litespace integrate with other remote collaboration tools our team already uses?

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Can you provide examples of AI recommendations for remote team event planning?

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How does Litespace's remote solution support team communication?

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