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The simple solution to monitor your office space while supporting employee's workplace flexibility
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Meet Intentionally With the Visibility of Entire Team’s Location Status

With a glance see the similar days that you share with your team in the office. Schedule your work week ahead by deciding which days to head into the office or work remotely. People can decide based on comparing statuses between teammates or favorite co-workers.

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About us

Locate Your Teammates to Sync and Meet

Whether you are working remotely, on-site, in a coworking space, or taking a day off, your location is shared with in-office employees making meetings easier than ever. People can select office preferences giving them extra flexibility in their workday.
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Attract the right leads with a persona driven experience

At the heart of every successful website is a deep understanding of the customer experience. And it starts with asking questions. We know what it takes to build a powerful narrative that will help you stand out from the crowd, bring in new advocates, and drive sales.

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Increase Productivity by Encouraging Purposeful Collaboration

Encourage teams to connect for upcoming projects by easily coordinating schedules based on time zones, location, or sick days of fellow co-workers. Rebuild office culture by emphasizing on the motivation that comes from team collaboration.


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