Easy Integration

Sync your Outlook, Google, Slack, and other HR software for maximum connectivity and efficiency

For Employees

1. Connect with your Google or Outlook Calendar

Automatically sync your hybrid schedule to accommodate for meetings, vacation time, and more

2. Sync Your Existing Tools to Enhance Your Experience

Integrate Litespace with your other tools to boost your productivity and keep you up-to-date.

3. Customize Your Notification Preferences

No more irrelevant spam or forgotten updates. Get your notifications delivered directly through Slack or Teams.

For Admins

1. Simplify Your Team’s Onboarding

Our feature tutorials and easy-to-navigate dashboard help the team learn the ropes with minimal instruction.

2. Reduce Platform Confusion

Keep all your scheduling tools in one place. No more jumping between your calendar, email, and Slack.

3. Get More Out of Existing Apps

Connect Litespace with your other tools to generate data on everything from culture to employee productivity.


Your Favorite Tools, All-In-One Place

Explore the Litespace Experience

Hybrid Flexibility
Connect your own availability with the team's hybrid schedule to make the most out of every trip to the office
Employee Engagement
Ideate, schedule, and promote team events to liven up your office experience
Office Insight
Make better workplace decisions with analytical reports on team engagement, space usage, and more