Employee Engagement

Ideate, schedule, and promote team events to liven up your office experience
For Employees
For Team Leads

For Employees

1. Find Your Next Coffee Chat

Share your career goals and in-person/online availability to receive suggestions for your next one-on-one.

2. Use AI-Powered Recommendations to Choose the Best Meeting Time

None of the back-and-forth hassle. Display your in-office availability and navigate meetings with clarity.

3. Get a Comprehensive Overview of Upcoming Events

With the help of our reminders for team meetups, plan your office trip with a purpose.

For Team Leads

1. Pick the Best Times for Team Events

Using our AI-Powered scheduling recommendations, plan events around the team’s in-office schedule.

2. Generate Smart Event Recommendations

Find ideas that fit the team’s goals and interests. From hackathons to sports watch parties, we’ve got you covered.

3. Consult your Team with Quick Polls

With our quick polling tool, gather team insights to finalize your event scheduling details.


Build An Optimized and Engaging Office Space

Explore the Litespace Experience

Hybrid Flexibility
Connect your own availability with the team's hybrid schedule to make the most out of every trip to the office
Office Insight
Make better workplace decisions with analytical reports onteam engagement, space usage, and more
Easy Integration
Sync your Outlook, Google, Slack, and other HR software for maximum connectivity and efficiency