Hybrid Flexibility

Connect your own availability with the team's hybrid schedule to make the most out of every trip to the office

For Employees

An image showcasing a calendar with multiple dates associated with tasks and meetings.

1. Generate your Hybrid Schedule

Receive recommendations to automatically coordinate your schedule with coworkers, managers, or meetings.

2. Get Notified When Your Network is In-Office

Sync up your schedule with your friends and team so you can make plans to grab a coffee or get lunch.

A screenshot of a team requests page is displayed in the image. It depicts different upcoming events for the user with an RSVP join option.
Screenshot: Plan your week feature displaying which colleagues are in office on specific days. Select a status between office, home, and not working.

3. Communicate your Schedule Easily

Seamlessly update and share your location status to enable team-wide schedule clarity.

For Admins

An image featuring a hybrid work settings function. It allows the user to select mandatory office attendance dates for their team.

1. Customize and Manage the Team’s Hybrid Policy

Set your team’s in-office days and track the balance of employees working in-person and remotely.

2. See Where Everyone Works

Get an idea of who is working in-office, and how often they come. No overbooking - no more wasting space!

A depiction of the status tracker feature is displayed on the screen. Users can view which members are working remotely or in the office.
An image of a favorite activities page with various upcoming event illustrations like a pool party, game meetup, and hackathon sessions.

3. Engage Employees by Fostering Vibrant Team Communities

Encourage team members to join groups that share their interests and schedule engaging social events.

Explore the Litespace Experience

An illustration displaying the employee engagement process in action. It depicts three individuals interacting with each other.

Employee Engagement

Ideate, schedule, and promote team events to liven up your office experience
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An illustration featuring office insights, a mobile application that quantifiably assists in office management.

Office Insight

Make better workplace decisions with analytical reports on team engagement, space usage, and more
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An illustration of easy integration with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Litespace. The image also displays a lady sitting in front of a computer screen.

Easy Integration

Sync your Outlook, Google, Slack, and other HR software for maximum connectivity and efficiency
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