Office Insight

Make better workplace decisions with analytical reports on team engagement, space usage, work location balance, and more

For HR Managers

1. Stay Updated on your Team’s Activity

Check on the team with clear-cut statistics on employee attendance, engagement, and activity. 

2. Diagnose Strengths and Weaknesses

We’ll synthesize your data to identify team challenges and keep you updated on your progress.

3. Implement Culture-Building Initiatives

Receive recommendations for culture improvement strategies as well as analytics to measure their impact.

For Finance Managers

1. Explore Office Utilization Trends

Our office usage analytics make space tracking easy - measure resource allocation across teams.

2. Optimize Your Office Space

Use our office utilization data to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve space efficiency.

3. Determine Your Office’s ROI

Quantify and measure previously ambiguous metrics, such as the impacts of space optimization efforts.


Build An Optimized and Engaging Office Space

Explore the Litespace Experience

Hybrid Flexibility
Connect your own availability with the team's hybrid schedule to make the most out of every trip to the office
Employee Engagement
Ideate, schedule, and promote team events to liven up your office experience
Easy Integration
Sync your Outlook, Google, Slack, and other HR software for maximum connectivity and efficiency