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New Employee Onboarding Experience Program

At litespace, we understand that you are excited to meet your new co-workers. Our onboarding solution ensures you to build a strong connection with your coworker under the new hybrid working environment.
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Product features

Litespace Helps New Hire to Meet Existing Employee Easier

Our program creates positive experiences that will have employees committed to your organization from day one. We do this by

Meaningful Connections

We create high-impact employee connections by matching new hires with existing employees based on shared interests, goals and in-office schedules.
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Flexible Onboarding Experience

Our in-office scheduling recommendation will ensure new hires are meeting all existing employees in person.
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Scale & Easy to Use

Our software is embedded in your pre-existing platforms. Designed to fit into employees’ flow of work.
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Measurable Results

We provide data on employee sentiments, program insights, engagement levels, and adoption rates – all in real-time making the feedback actionable.
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We Pride Ourselves on Delivering an Excellent Onboarding Experience Program that Drives Measurable Outcomes

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Enterprise Understanding
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Career Development
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Career Mobility
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Role Effectiveness
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Team Collaboration
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Connection to Colleagues
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