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Litespace’s Intelligent Calendar takes your preferences, meetings and activities to optimize your hybrid schedule to boost your productivity at work.
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Product features

Become More productive and Connected - Without Manually Planning Your In-office Schedule

Build meaningful relationships through events

Litespace provides smart recommendations to make your trip to the office more impactful. For example, you can get notified of events, key meetings and your favorite employees visiting the office
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Make your schedule available for your team

Litespace provides a simple weekly schedule set up so you can share your office attendance in advance to easily collaborate with your coworkers.
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Design team gatherings

Celebrate special moments with your team. Whether it’s a product launch, quarterly offsite, or new member welcome, always ensure you’re carving out space for milestones together.
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Understand how your people are using the office

Access zone, space, or office-specific occupancy data. Understand traction to adjust policies, repurpose space, and optimize the workplace experience.
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Litespace Schedule Recommendation is Your Next Productivity Breakthrough Within the Hybrid Office

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Team Collaboration
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Connection to Colleagues
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Work-Life Balance
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Event Scheduling
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Sense of Belonging
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