Seamless Integration

Connect your favorite tools with litespace
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Messaging and Notifications

Single Sign On & Calendar

Single Sign On & Calendar

Managing From One Place

Streamline your planning and communication with litespace. Our all-in-one platform brings together the key tools you need to engage, onboard, and build corporate identity, seamlessly integrating with Slack, Google, and M365 to ensure real-time updates and consistency across your organization.

Attract the right leads with a persona driven experience

At the heart of every successful website is a deep understanding of the customer experience. And it starts with asking questions. We know what it takes to build a powerful narrative that will help you stand out from the crowd, bring in new advocates, and drive sales.

Enhance The Recommendations By Connecting More Tools

Experience the power of seamless smart features with litespace. Connect with calendars, HRIS systems, team wiki, and productivity tools to generate more personalized and powerful recommendations

Get More Out Of The Tools You Already Use

Put your organization under the microscope with advanced analytics provided by litespace. Augment the data from other tools to generate key insights on employee NPS, organization culture and connectivity, and employee productivity.


Integration Benefits

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Ensure everyone is connected

Our platform is seamlessly integrated with all your key platforms, including Slack and Google, so you never miss a beat. We understand that new tools can feel like extra work, which is why we make them easy to use and fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Grow attendance with crystal clear visibility

When employees know who is heading into the office, it is the greatest encouragement they need to join. Litespace works directly with Slack to offer instant messaging and nudge options to give that friend the push they need. Book a meeting room in a few clicks and watch attendance grow

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Make it Easy to Setup

The administration is simple and effortless. Connecting your tools has never been easier. Set up your organization with our platform in 3 clicks.

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Reduce Context Switching

With all your tools in one place work can get done faster and more efficiently without switching between platforms. When you know your team is available to meet onsite, everyone feels more connected and engaged.

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