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Around the World Celebration Potluck!

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50 People

As everyone comes from diverse backgrounds, it is important to celebrate the different cultures we have here. We will be hosting a POTLUCK, so make sure to bring your culture’s best dish! If you are interested in traveling around the world from the comfort of our office with a night of good food and performances, come join us and RVSP and let everyone know what you are bringing!


Banner, tables, tablecloth, napkins, plates, utensils, music.

Pre-Event Checklist

Create a Google form for Gathering information on dietary limitations and contributions from participants

Set up 30 minutes in advance 

  • Put up banner
  • Set up tables with tablecloths and place for plates and utensils
  • Make sure to do a sound and mic check in advance

Event Overview

Starting - people come in, mingle, and opening remarks 

15mins - people can get food

1 hour - last round of food and closing remarks


How will we know if there is enough food for everyone?

Everyone can see who brings what and will allow for drinks

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