10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Feb 5, 2024
7 mins to read
10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Saying thank you is important. Find fun creative gifts to say thank you to your co-worker or employee.


Gratitude is an integral part of building a productive, inclusive work culture. It is important to say thank you to your co-worker for heating coffee for you or for helping in your previous project. This shows your co-worker you notice their efforts and appreciate the little things they do for you, with you or behalf of you. 

In this blog, we have compiled a list of affordable options you can consider gifting your co-worker the next time they stay an extra hour to help practice your presentation.


The Scotiabank Arena hosts numerous basketball games, gifting your employees tickets to watch the Raptors is a wonderful way to show appreciation to the workplace sport fanatics. You can appreciate movie lovers with VIP movie tickets or say thank you with a concert ticket for those who enjoy live music. 

Gift Cards

If you feel stumped on what specific gift to get for your co-worker, consider a gift card. It is especially easy to pick out a gift card based on popularity of the given brand or platform. An Amazon gift card for example is a sure choice as the services cater to a diverse audience. Roblox or Playstation gift cards would be popular among employees with children and Home Depot gift cards are handy to have around the house. 

Scented Candles

Scented Candles from Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret or Walmart are a creative option for a gift. Selecting the scent that you feel best describes your employee or co-worker can say a lot about the detail you put into making your employee feel appreciated. Scented candles can also be personalized and accompanied by notes. This is a perfect opportunity to say, “Thank you Jeffery for being so thoughtful!”

Games, Puzzles and Amusements

Puzzles, stress balls, card decks or even tiny stuffed animals, gifts such as these are a quirky way to say thank you. 

Potted Plants

Gift your employee a cactus or an orchid. Remember cactus are low effort while orchids require much more attention. Select your potted plant with attributes such as these in mind and ensure to research your plant of choice. You can compile a short instruction manual as a nice touch of detail.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets offer a variety of options. You have the option to create your gift basket or procure it ready-made for you. A few examples are skin care gift baskets with facial masks, essential oils or lip balm. Perhaps consider crafting one with wine or a do-it-yourself cocktail kit. Lastly, you can purchase one with candy, chocolate and all sorts of sweet treats.


How about a baseball cap or a bucket hat for a long summer day? Caps are a great option that you can opt to inscribe with a funny message such as “Yay you!” or a more elaborate message attached to the tag. 


Say thank you by purchasing your employee a self help book, fiction, journals or a cookbook. Self help books range from personal growth to professional growth, offering you a wide array of material to choose from. Or opt for a romance sci-fi novel to help them unwind on the weekend.


If you’re looking for a simple gesture, flowers are your friend. Flowers are easily accessible at almost every corner shop. Pick up some flowers on your way to work or have them delivered either way a bouquet of tulips or a single rose always puts a smile on someone’s face.

Bags and Totes

Tote bags are a multipurpose gift your co-worker is bound to enjoy. From shopping trips to errands, a tote bag is a practical gift that will convey your appreciation stylishly.


Getting into the habit of showing appreciation regularly is a sure way to boost morale subsequently increasing productivity. While it may be difficult to figure out what your employee or co-worker would like, this list gives you an affordable base to build off, therefore, no more excuses. Say thank you to that co-worker today!

Ruby Janira
Ruby Janira

Ruby is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace. She is eager to apply her background in communications to transform thoughts into words and ideas into engaging narratives.

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