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A Platform Built to Reconnect Employees in Hybrid Companies

Hybrid workplaces, from startups to large enterprises, use litespace to improve employee engagement, strengthen corporate culture, and boost productivity.

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Connect and Optimize Teams Through Smart Scheduling Recommendations

Simplify your office scheduling with AI recommendations. Our scheduling feature guides you on the optimal days to work in the office or remotely with your team. Our AI takes into consideration user behaviors, preferences, calendars, and team structures to help you plan ahead.
Stay connected with your in-office colleagues, no matter where you are working. Whether you're working remotely, on-site, in a co-working space, or taking a day off. Our location-sharing feature makes meetings a breeze. Plus, you can customize your office preferences for extra flexibility in your workday.
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Elevate Your Next Corporate Event Using Litespace's Seamless Event Planning

Bring your team together with effortless event planning. Our platform makes it simple to schedule and manage events, both in-office and remotely, fostering a strong team culture and sense of community. From welcoming new hires to casual gatherings with coworkers, our platform helps you plan events that bring your team closer together and encourage a positive work environment.
Bring your team closer together with our platform's easy-to-use invitation feature. Choose who you'd like to meet with, whether it be a few work friends, other departments, new employees, or the entire team. Our platform makes it simple to connect and create meaningful events with the your co-workers.
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Unlock Powerful Insights to Make Your Hybrid Workplace the Most Productive Environment

Improve the ROI on your office space investments with our tracking and analysis features. With monthly reports, you can make informed decisions about optimizing your office space. In addition, you can understand employee patterns such as what days of the week and times are most popular in your company.
Make data-driven decisions with our analytics platform! Avoid blind spots in your decisions by examining powerful data on office utilization and employee trends to improve your hybrid strategy. Get insights to understand what works and what doesn’t, and uncover the most essential optimizations for your teams’ success.
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Empowering Employees to Strengthen Relationships, Increase Morale, and Foster Emotional Connections

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Intelligent Optimization
First AI-based scheduling platform that provides you with smart recommendations to optimize your hybrid work schedule, boosting productivity and streamlining your week.
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Employee First Approach
Investing in your employees' well-being can create a more positive and productive workplace. Offering flexibility in their work can enhance company culture.
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Automation Focus
Our platform's automation capabilities have been proven to increase attendance by 30% within one month of adoption and reduce the manual workload for HR staff by 15%.
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Dedicated support
Our dedicated team is always available to answer any questions and help you get the most out of our platform. We value your feedback and are happy to work with you!

What Our Customers Say

"litespace really helped our team get back into the office! Instead of back-and-forth coordination needed for co-working, we could easily see who was in the office and when"

Image of Sarah
Sarah Hwozdyk
Operations Coordinator @crowdlinker

"litespace brings the flexibility we never had to our start-up. It has helped us transition back to office smoother than ever before the pandemic"

Image of Hrayr, a customer
Hrayr Mkrtchyan
Co-founder @techdaisy

"Thanks to litespace, we saved a lot of time going back and forth on slack. We had clear visibility across all of our teams when they went to the office"

Image of Julian, a customer
Julian Divito
Product Lead @sightly

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One button to update your work status on all communication platforms (Google, Slack, Outlook) to excel your remote team communications.

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