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Key Features

Generate your hybrid schedules in 2 seconds

With AI scheduling recommendations optimized to your preferences, meetings, and work goals, generate schedules for yourself and the team with just a click. 

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Receive event planning recommendations

Never again will you face the hassle of coordinating schedules. Know when to host meetings, celebrations, and team-building events to ensure the highest possible attendance rates.

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Put culture-building in the spotlight

Our AI recommendations and diagnostics inspire the community-building activities that your team will adore. Receive ideas based on your employees' interests. 

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Why Litespace

Empower your workspace to soar with increased engagement, a thriving team culture, and peak performance!

Intelligent Optimization

Our AI analytics provide impactful recommendations on space usage, work location, and scheduling for your HR process.

Automating for Efficiency

Reduce the daily workload of your HR team by 15%! Less time filtering admin tasks means more time bringing the team together. 

Employee-Centric Approach

Put employee experience at the heart of your workplace with our suggestions for engagement, productivity, and team-building strategies. 

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated client support team is always available to help you get the most out of our platform.

Connect With Your
Favorite Tools

One button to update your work status on all communication platforms
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What Our Customers Say

"litespace really helped our team get back into the office! Instead of back-and-forth coordination needed for co-working, we could easily see who was in the office and when"

Image of Sarah
Sarah Hwozdyk
Operations Coordinator @crowdlinker

"litespace brings the flexibility we never had to our start-up. It has helped us transition back to office smoother than ever before the pandemic"

Image of Hrayr, a customer
Hrayr Mkrtchyan
Co-founder @techdaisy

"Thanks to litespace, we saved a lot of time going back and forth on slack. We had clear visibility across all of our teams when they went to the office"

Image of Julian, a customer
Julian Divito
Product Lead @sightly
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