Catching Up with Your Hybrid-Remote Team

August 16th, 2023
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Catching Up with Your Hybrid-Remote Team

Discover the ins and outs of the hybrid-remote work setup. Uncover the power of team catch-ups for seamless communication across time zones and locations.

Understanding the Hybrid-Remote Setup

In-office, Remote, Hybrid, or all of the above? Now more than ever, employees are given the flexibility to choose where they work and when they work, which has welcomed infinite opportunities for productivity, innovation, and reimagined collaboration. 

The idea of a hybrid-remote setup is different from all-remote, which is when there is no physical office and everyone works from wherever they desire. The hybrid-remote setup thrives off of the presence and benefits of a physical workspace (i.e. the office) whilst offering the option to work remotely - the default and prioritized. 

Importance of Effective Team Catch-Ups 

When you have team members working in different time zones from different locations, it is essential that you are constantly checking in with each other to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The ideal solution here is scheduling team catch-ups.

A team catch-up is an informal meeting for team members to get together and discuss recent happenings and share updates. Effective team catch-ups can help build rapport and trust, and is important to facilitating communication and increasing job satisfaction. 

For a team to be successful, it only makes sense if the people in the team are openly communicating and allowing for personal connections. The goal is to create a space where everyone’s contributions and efforts are heard and valued. 

Tips for A Successful Team Catch-Up (Hybrid-Remote Environment)

Although a catch-up is usually informal and casual, it still calls for careful planning and execution, especially in a hybrid-remote environment. A successful team catch-up starts with a clear agenda and is structured for optimal efficiency. 

To ensure your catch-ups are productive and engaging, consider:

  • Meeting frequency: how often is your team meeting? 
  • Participation: is the team engaged and actively participating in the conversation?
  • Soliciting feedback: are you allowing room for feedback and open discussions?
  • Accessibility: are your meetings accessible and inclusive to all team members? 

Before your next team catch-up, consider reviewing some do’s and don’ts of team catch-ups.

8 Questions to Ask in a Team Catch-Up 

(To foster open communication and avoid the simple “it’s going good” answer.)

  1. Are there any tools or resources you need to perform your tasks more efficiently?
  2. How are our current communication channels working for you?
  3. Are there any virtual team-building activities you’d like to see us implement? 
  4. Do you have a preference for certain meeting times and/or formats?
  5. How do you prefer to receive feedback and recognition for your contributions?
  6. What aspects of our hybrid work arrangement are working well for you?
  7. Are there any opportunities for growth or development you’re interested in pursuing?
  8. Are there any changes you’d like to make to your workspace?

These questions are great starting points for keeping the conversation going and team engagement, but they should be tailored according to your team’s specific dynamics!

The goal of a team catch-up is to create open conversations and foster transparency. In a hybrid-remote setup, it is important that you are considering accessibility and inclusivity to ensure all team members share equal opportunities. 

Quick Recap

It doesn’t stop here. In the upcoming years, we can only expect work methods and approaches to keep evolving and the best way to stay on track is to adapt and innovate. To prepare, organizations must be quick with industry changes and learn to modify their practices to best fit the environment, one example being facilitating effective catch-up meetings with your hybrid-remote team. 

An effective team catch-up is so much more than just life updates and work progress. It helps:

  • Build rapport and trust
  • Facilitate communication
  • Increase job satisfaction

To ensure your team catch-up is productive and successful, consider:

  • Meeting frequency
  • Level of engagement and participation
  • Soliciting feedback and open discussion
  • Accessibility and inclusivity

So, in your next team catch-up, remember the connections that are being made, topics that are being discussed, and ideas that are exchanged. Take these tips into consideration and together we can bridge the gaps of communication in the hybrid-remote workplace.

Erica Lim
Erica Lim

Erica is a Marketing Content Analyst at Litespace with a passion to help companies foster stronger corporate culture and better employee engagement in the hybrid work environment. Specializing in marketing and communications, Erica is eager to share her knowledge and research on hybrid work. 

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