Coffee Chat Questions: Ace Your Next Chat!

Jan 26, 2024
6 mins to read
Coffee Chat Questions: Ace Your Next Chat!

While coffee chatting may seem daunting, in this guide, we will break down how to approach a coffee chat with sample questions that will allow you to chat confidently.

What is a Coffee Chat?

A coffee chat is basically a chill talk with someone you think is cool or want to know better. It's not your usual networking thing; just a relaxed chat where you can ask about their job journey and share what you've been up to. It's a great way to see if a job vibes with your interests and to make a real connection with someone.

During a coffee chat, you can share your career experiences and discuss upcoming goals regarding your job or personal interests. It is also a perfect opportunity to ask for advice or guidance on your career plans. However, do not jump into the chat asking for a job referral. You should use the coffee chat as an opportunity for you to build a long-lasting connection with someone instead of having it be transactional. 

Questions to Ask During a Coffee Chat?

We understand that coffee chats can be intimidating, however, by asking customized questions, you can make the conversation go smoothly and get the most out of it. We suggest you personalize your chat by asking specific questions that relate to their experiences! Here are 10 coffee chat questions you can start off the conversation with, but don’t forget to create your own questions as well!

  1. How did you begin your career in the field?
  2. What made you decide to choose the role you are currently working in?
  3. How do your career goals and interests align with your current role?
  4. What would be your top advice for someone wanting to break into your industry?
  5. Are there any challenges you face in your position? How do you resolve them?
  6. What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?
  7. How do you manage and overcome team conflicts?
  8. What is your advice for facing setbacks? 
  9. Is there an accomplishment in your career you are extremely proud of? 
  10. Are there any soft and hard skills I should start building if I want to break into the field?

Coffee chats do not have to only be about work. You can choose to get to know the person you are talking to by asking more personal questions about their life. However, be sure not to overstep boundaries or talk about sensitive topics. Here are 5 additional questions you can ask to learn more about the person you are talking to. 

  1. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
  2. Do you have any recent personal achievements that you are proud of?
  3. How do you maintain a balance between your busy work schedule and your personal life?
  4. How do you prevent burnout in your job, and what do you do to stay motivated? 
  5. Are you currently working on any of your passions? 

Coffee Chat Tips

  1. Prepare and do your research before the chat! It is important to go into a coffee chat with personalized questions to ask. 
  2. Arrive on time for the coffee chat.
  3. Pay attention to the person you are talking to - try not to look around too much. 
  4. Always send a thank you email and mention what you learned from the conversation.
  5. Regularly follow up with the person you talked to and maintain the connection!

Use the tips that we have mentioned above, and you will be ready to ace your next chat!

Katherine Sau
Katherine Sau

Katherine is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace with a passion for digital marketing and business technology. She is excited to develop her skills in marketing while bringing in her past experiences to contribute to Litespace’s marketing and brand strategy.

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