How to Create a Flexible Hybrid Work Schedule

October 14th, 2022
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How to Create a Flexible Hybrid Work Schedule

Build a flexible hybrid work schedule tailored to thrive in today's dynamic environment. Unlock productivity with strategic scheduling strategies.

Key Highlights:

  • The tactics to guarantee weekly in-person Facetime are the most crucial information in this article. For some of the most crucial business tasks, like negotiations and strategic choices, in-person communication works best. 
  • If a project involves problem-solving, making decisions, evaluating tangible items or has a lot of emotional content, it is ideal for conducting in-person meetings. The most crucial information is identifying the virtual or in-person interactions that will be most beneficial for the team. 
  • This study focuses on improving productivity and energy management, which are the most important details. The weekly office relocation causes a varying level of employee enthusiasm.

Flexibility in Hybrid Work Schedule 

Employees had little or no say in this rapid change. However, as businesses resume normal operations, many employees will have more choices than ever before. Strategies to ensure weekly in-person Facetime can help with hybrid schedule selections. Considering these four key factors can help maximize your overall productivity in the office as a time management coach.‍

What Tasks Do I Prefer To Do In The Office?

Virtual and In-Person communication is fundamentally different. In-person is best for some of the most important business functions, such as negotiations and high-level strategic decisions. However, even if you aren't making pivotal decisions, there are some tasks that you might prefer to complete at work. Project meetings are best conducted in person if they involve problem-solving, decision-making, reviewing tangible objects, or high emotional content. Plan your in-office days for those venture gatherings, and ask other team members to try to make it into the office on those days. These preferences could also be altered over time, such as when it's time for a more in-depth review of the deliverables, encouraging people to meet in person again.

When Does My Team Need Me?

The most important details are determining which types of encounters (in-person or virtual) will be most fruitful for your team. If some of your coworkers, particularly your direct reports, better understand what you're saying and can recall and respond to information more effectively in person, arrange some in-office days to match with those individuals. Alternatively, if certain of your coworkers understand the topic better in writing or through another virtual technique, continue holding such sessions remotely and reserve your in-office time for other uses.

Litespace is introducing a recommendation system to notify users when their favorite coworker arrives at the workplace. It makes scheduling and booking easier by 

  • empowering teams
  • collaborating remotely
  • making information more accessible to everyone

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How Can I Work More Efficiently?

This work's most crucial details are enhancing productivity and energy management. If you are more introverted, limiting your time at work to no more than two days in a row may be useful. If you are more outgoing, it may be useful to organize meetings at work and home so you can engage with people daily. Schedule meetings at the start of your workday to keep you energized and again in the afternoon when your enthusiasm wanes.

Motivation vs. Unmotivated

Employees' motivation fluctuates during the week, with some starting strong on Monday morning, while others take a while to get started and work until 6 or 7 p.m. on Friday. This is due to office migration, where employees' motivation fluctuates during the week. 

Working from home can also affect these levels of motivation, especially if you're younger. 

  • According to the same Pew Research study that measured the big shift toward remote work, 42% of workers between 18 and 49 said it has been hard to feel motivated to work from home.
  • In addition, 53% of 18- to 29-year-olds stated that it has been challenging for them to be motivated to complete their work when they are not in person with their coworkers. 
  • This contrasts with the 20% of older workers who feel the same way.)

When feeling down, use your time at the office to boost your motivation. If you're most roused around others, demand standard office days on Thursday and Friday. If you discover that going in on Monday and Tuesday will allow you to accomplish significantly more, plan your hybrid schedule around when you will require supportive peer pressure. 

Higher management should motivate team members by encouraging involvement and involving them in team choices, according to Litespace. This gives people a sense of control over their future and a say in how the team might achieve its goals and objectives. Employee motivation can boost productivity and help a company attain higher output levels. To maintain employee motivation and help an organization prosper, this is crucial. 

As more companies return to the office, your schedule may include in-person and remote work. Consider these four factors when determining when to report to work to ensure that your return is convenient.

Key Learnings: 

Creating a Hybrid Flexible Work Schedule brings a lot to consider and make changes that are:

  • Focus more on Team Management 
  • Increase Productivity while having the same energy 
  • In-Person and Virtual Communication to bring efficiency to work, whether its remote setting or onsite 
  • Employee Motivational and Demotivational aspects regarding employee efficiency, which fluctuates daily at working
Sarah Roomi
Sarah Roomi

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