From Remote to Reality: The Best Return to Work Solutions for Employers

February 27th, 2023
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From Remote to Reality: The Best Return to Work Solutions for Employers

Learn about effective return-to-work solutions to create a safe, supportive, and productive workplace that meets employers' and employees' needs.

Return to Work Solutions

Return-to-work solutions are strategies and actions that employers can take to ensure a safe and successful return to the workplace after a period of remote work. These solutions can range from implementing flexible schedules to listening to employee feedback. This blog will talk about the different solutions employers can take to create a workplace that is productive, supportive, and responsive to their employees' needs.

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitation of Workspace

Implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols as part of a return-to-work solution is critical to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. By implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols, you can create a cleaner and healthier workplace for your employees while reducing transmission risk. This can include regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and keyboards, as well as providing hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies throughout the workplace. Cleanliness and sanitation improve employee health and workplace productivity by preventing COVID-19 and other common illnesses.

Offer Flexible Schedules

Introducing a flexible schedule that permits hybrid work is critical to any plan for returning to work. The pandemic has shown that remote work is often feasible and highly effective. With a hybrid work schedule, employers can provide their staff the much-needed flexibility to balance their work and personal commitments without compromising productivity. This approach allows them to offer a suitable work arrangement confidently. Hybrid work allows employees to work from home part of the time, reducing commuting time and costs and providing a greater work-life balance. It can also lead to a more diverse and inclusive workforce, as employees who may have previously been excluded from the workplace due to distance or other factors can now participate. Hybrid work schedules promote a healthier work-life balance, employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Use Technology That Supports Hybrid Workspace

With many employees working remotely, it's essential to have the tools and technology in place to support effective communication, collaboration, and productivity. This is done using technology that enables hybrid workspaces. By implementing a platform like Litespace, employers can provide their employees with smart AI work scheduling, event recommendations, and office analytics to enable them to work more efficiently and effectively. This improves collaboration, boosts corporate culture, and provides valuable data to help companies manage their office spaces more economically. With Litespace, employers can gain insights into how their employees use office spaces, which can help them optimize space utilization and reduce costs. Using technology like Litespace as a return-to-work solution can improve productivity, employee morale, and a more efficient and effective workplace.

Provide Collaborative Spaces

As remote work gains popularity, employees may find it challenging to connect with their colleagues and work together efficiently. This can lead to communication gaps, misunderstandings, and reduced productivity. Employers can create specific collaboration areas, such as conference rooms or open workspaces, to address this. These spaces can provide employees a dedicated place to brainstorm, collaborate, and communicate effectively. This can enhance teamwork, foster creativity, and promote innovation, ultimately leading to better business outcomes. In addition, dedicated collaborative spaces can boost employee satisfaction and engagement, as they appreciate having a place to work closely with their peers.

Celebrate Successes

It is important to recognize employees' efforts and accomplishments when they return to the workplace after remote work. No matter how small, celebrating successes leads to a positive work environment and boosts employee morale, which increases productivity and satisfaction. Recognizing small accomplishments can also help build community and foster a positive team culture. This can be achieved through various means, including regular shoutouts during team meetings or a designated bulletin board to highlight individual or team successes. Celebrating your team's successes is an effective way to show your appreciation for them and to create a positive work environment.

Hear Out Your Employees’ Feedback

Employees are the heart of any organization, and their opinions and perspectives matter. By soliciting and valuing employee feedback, you can gain valuable insights into what works and what doesn't in the workplace based on reliable data. This can include adjusting work schedules, providing additional training, or changing the physical workspace. If you listen to and act on your employees' feedback, you can foster a culture of open communication and collaboration to increase employee satisfaction and engagement. In the end, employee input is vital in developing a return-to-work plan that caters to the needs of the company and its staff.

Key Takeaways

Return-to-work solutions are critical for a safe and successful transition back to the workplace. Technology that supports hybrid communication, such as Litespace, fosters productivity, provides ample support, and is responsive to employees' needs. Additionally, considering employee feedback can create an ideal workplace for you and your workers.

Mirela Gunawan
Mirela Gunawan

Mirela is a Marketing Content Analyst at Litespace with a passion for helping employers and employees solve their hybrid workplace needs. Currently, a Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in economics and specializing in marketing, Mirela is equipped with the educational foundation to offer tips and advice on hybrid work.

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