Happy Anniversary Funny Quotes

Apr 2, 2024
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Happy Anniversary Funny Quotes

How can you amp up your Happy Work Anniversary wish? Look no further here is a compilation of funny happy anniversary quotes you can use to show your humour.


Think you know your co-worker? What kind of happy work anniversary quote would they like? Are they big on jokes or are they more serious? Well, everyone enjoys a little bit of humour with their anniversary wish. Consider using a gif, meme or funny quotes, whatever your medium of communication we have compiled a list of happy anniversary funny memes, gifs and quotes you can send to your co-workers. 


Looking for funny short clips or GIFS to accompany your witty caption? Look no further, we have compiled a couple of good ones that are a sure chuckle.

Send this one bright and early so there's context to the eggs and bacon.

A funny dance clip that has smoothly put together transitions. A great GIF to set the mood for the festive day. 

What is more fitting than the actual “The Office” happy work anniversary? 

Creepy but funny. 

Hey! Remember it's not only employees who celebrate yearly anniversaries, your founders do too! A GIF you can use if it's your company's work anniversary. 

Less funny and more cute, the combination of appreciation and flair.

Work anniversary blues? We have an instrument-playing robot for you!

A cool, chill animation that conveys you’re appreciation of your workmate.

If you’re workmate is big on satire they’ll get the joke!


Looking for quotes to accompany your GIFS?

  • “Knock knock! It's your work anniversary! Have 365 cupcakes for each day you came in late!”
  • “You can do a lot in a year. Not YOU, but people can do a lot. Happy work anniversary!”
  • “It’s not every day you get to work with someone so dedicated, intelligent, and kind. While we wait for that person, thanks for filling in. Happy work anniversary!”
  • “Happy work anniversary! You’ve been with us for five years, which means you’ve earned the right to take a day off…just kidding, we need you too much."
  • “Five years is a long time to pretend to know what you’re doing. Congrats on being a master of faking it ’til you make it”
  • “You may have been here for 10 years, but let’s be real, you still haven’t figured out how to use the office printer.”
  • “Congratulations on completing another lap around the office water cooler without getting caught gossiping! You're a stealthy one.”
  • I looked up “best coworker ever” in the dictionary, and your picture was there! Happy anniversary!
  • Congrats on another year of being an all-star employee! Let’s party like it’s 1999 (or at least like it’s Friday at 5 pm).


Gifs are not your style? Or perhaps you are looking for a lethal combination, below are some memes you can use to complement your quotes or GIFS.

A meme you can only share with a colleague you are super close with! No need to offend anyone! 

A double entendre that plays on relationship and work humour.

All orange is the new black fans will get it (wink crazy eyes wink crazy to work here)

A wholesome funny meme that is sure to give your colleagues that warm fuzzy feeling.

Unicorn, cat and rainbow combo? Sign me up!


In conclusion, if you are trying to get your co-worker to deepen those laugh lines, consider using humour to commemorate special occasions such as work anniversaries. Whether you use any of our given examples or make your own remember to factor in your relationship with them, their position within the organization and their sense of humour. Factoring in the outlined parameters will guarantee a fun-filled but professional happy anniversary quote. 

Ruby Janira
Ruby Janira

Ruby is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace. She is eager to apply her background in communications to transform thoughts into words and ideas into engaging narratives.

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