Leadership Development in Hybrid Era

July 21st, 2023
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Leadership Development in Hybrid Era

Unlock the secrets to successful leadership development in the hybrid era, enhancing adaptability and influence in a changing work landscape.

What is Hybrid Leadership?

Hybrid leadership is a management approach that combines online and in-person management abilities to manage staff members successfully in a variety of circumstances. This flexible leadership style blends traditional and remote management methods to support teams that use a hybrid work model.

What Leadership Development Should Look Like in the Hybrid Era?

The COVID-19 epidemic has pushed the use of remote work and highlighted hybrid work models. Leadership development must adjust to the hybrid era as companies navigate this environment, focusing on efficient methods for raising efficient leaders.

By nurturing, mentoring, and empowering leaders in the hybrid era, Litespace, a cutting-edge platform for hybrid work, revolutionizes the field of leadership development. For the difficulties in the contemporary workplace, it offers a complete toolkit.

4 Types of Hybrid Leaders 

According to Gartner, the 4 types assess leadership's openness and skill set on a matrix to prioritize development in a hybrid work model.

  1. Hybrid champions with the right mindset and skill set to lead a hybrid workforce.
  2. Hybrid strivers who have the right mindset but lack the right skill set to lead a hybrid workforce.
  3. Hybrid resistors who have the right skill set but a closed mindset toward a hybrid workforce.
  4. Hybrid laggards who lack both the right mindset and the requisite skill set for leading a hybrid workforce.

Image from Thought Exchange 

After Pandemic Leadership Development in Hybrid Era 

The hybrid era always revolves around several factors that have improved employee experience and created a balance between work-life balance. Here are some steady strategies that “can '' improve in hybrid leadership can play a pivotal role in leadership development, providing a comprehensive toolkit to develop effective leaders for the challenges of the modern workplace.

  1. Digital Fluency
  2. Flexibility and Adaptability
  3. Empathy and Inclusivity
  4. Outcome-based Leadership
  5. Continuous Learning and Skill Development

How Litespace Connects to Hybrid Leadership Development?

As Litespace is also within the hybrid era and daily we look at aspects of how we can make it better when it comes to “hybrid leadership”. To improvise leadership either through learning from their employee experience are:

  1. Collaborative Learning Communities
  2. Mentoring and Coaching
  3. Personalized Learning Journeys

Where remote and in-person collaboration coexists, companies are constantly looking for novel ways to improve leadership development. 

Check out❗Hybrid Work 101 provides resources for learning and guidance for everyone to gain knowledge in the Hybrid Era. 

Both opportunities and problems exist for leadership development in the hybrid era. Companies must rethink their processes, focusing on digital fluency, flexibility, empathy, outcome-based leadership, and continuous learning. This equips leaders for negotiating complexity, fostering growth, and developing an excellent culture.

Litespace revolutionizes leadership development in the hybrid era, offering personalized learning journeys, collaborative communities, and performance-tracking capabilities. This empowers leaders to thrive in the hybrid work environment, driving innovation and fostering a culture of continuous growth and success.

Litespace is one stop solution — a cutting-edge platform that transforms the way leaders are developed, mentored, and empowered in the hybrid era.

Aqsa Aamir
Aqsa Aamir

Aqsa Aamir is a Digital Strategist at Litespace and has a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. Aqsa has experience in several areas of business and digital strategy. Aqsa's proficiency in creating hybrid work tactics to offer guidance in content planning. Her current focus is on hybrid work models and culture building in marketing. 

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