Meet Our 2023 Summer Intern Erica

August 28th, 2023
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Meet Our 2023 Summer Intern Erica

Meet Erica, our 2023 summer intern, and delve into her journey at Litespace. Discover firsthand her valuable contributions and unique perspective.

Four months ago, I was lucky enough to land a summer internship role at Litespace as a Marketing Content Analyst. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, as I hadn’t had much experience in the tech industry. 

I am excited to share my journey at Litespace with you, and hopefully be able to showcase a little behind-the-scenes of what it’s like interning for Litespace.  

How was your experience?

Where do I even begin? My internship experience at Litespace has been extremely valuable and is one that I am very thankful for. I had the opportunity to work with some of the most passionate people I’ve ever met and to say the least, it was enlightening. From working in a completely remote setting to publishing blogs on top of blogs covering topics that I had 0 knowledge about maybe five months ago. The lessons I gained from this experience are ones that I will cherish and hold onto as I venture out in my career.

What have you learned?

In the past, I have always stuck to the creative aspects of marketing and focused on graphic design and visuals. Litespace was my first time exploring the more analytical and technical parts of marketing, which was scary, as I wasn’t sure if I was capable of the tasks that were handed to me, but over time, I found it interesting and I can now confidently speak on my skills and competencies. 

Even though I was quite new to the whole SEO and content development game, Jack and the rest of the team showed trust in me and provided me with the guidance I needed, which I am so grateful for. In terms of technicality, I learned a lot about SEO and keyword research (a.k.a. I realized the importance of proper research and setting intentions before writing a blog now!) I also worked on email marketing and social media projects, which I had prior experience with but have become even more comfortable with throughout my time at Litespace.

On a different note, a huge lesson I gained from my internship at Litespace was how to collaborate in a remote setting. This was my first time working entirely remotely and in a different time zone than my team, which I found difficult at times, but I learned that with the right mindset and openness, it is not so difficult after all - and is incredibly rewarding. 

What do you like about Litespace?

Without a doubt, my favorite part about Litespace is how passionate everyone is and this was clear to me since the very first day I started in the company. Even though the majority of the team works independently, I have never hesitated to reach out or seek guidance because every single person is working towards the same goal and is always more than willing to lend you a hand. I’ve also really enjoyed the amount of autonomy and flexibility that comes with working in Litespace. As an intern, I was given many decision-making opportunities which made the experience more significant. I felt like my skills and experience were valued, and that I was making an impact with my work.  

Litespace’s mission is to reconnect employees in offices to drive collaboration and better overall corporate culture. It is very refreshing to see the company’s values and mission being reflected in not just our clients but in our workplace as well. 

What was your favorite project?

The project that I found the most significant was the development of our company's white paper “Best Practice For Implementing Hybrid Work.” I got to work closely with the content and marketing team to revamp our white paper and turn a long-winded, lost-in-a-folder document into a carefully curated, well-thought-out white paper that showcases ways to overcome the various challenges of a hybrid work model and best practices that strive for success.

At Litespace, we are constantly seeking to improve employee engagement and make an impact in the future of hybrid work. Being able to work on this white paper also provided me with tremendous knowledge and insights into hybrid work and I was proud to share that with the world. 

Erica Lim
Erica Lim

Erica is a Marketing Content Analyst at Litespace with a passion to help companies foster stronger corporate culture and better employee engagement in the hybrid work environment. Specializing in marketing and communications, Erica is eager to share her knowledge and research on hybrid work. 

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