Meet Our 2023 Summer Intern Claire

August 20th, 2023
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Meet our intern Claire and learn about her experience at litespace.

Litespace Internship Blog Post

My Experience

I had a great experience as a Business Development Intern at Litespace! I learned a lot about sales, marketing, and the start-up experience, and I got to meet a lot of incredible people who care about improving hybrid and remote work. 

Learning and Growth

To start, I learned about the fundamentals of sales. The team at Litespace was inclusive and welcoming to the new hires - I learned the sales process; finding leads, starting sequences, and booking meetings - but also got to experience each step in detail. For example, I learned to write a good email sequence and even practiced cold calling. The great thing about working with a startup was that none of the processes were bureaucratic or set in stone - we were continuously looking for better ways to generate leads or send out our sales communications, and I'm glad that I got to participate in that process. 

Team Dynamics and Networking

The team at Litespace was really great! A large part of the work that we had to do was independent - such as writing website content or email sequences, but occasionally, we did group cold calls, and we always met on Fridays to catch up. Unlike some other members, I wasn't able to attend the social or the hackathon, but those also sounded like fun ways to meet the team. The best thing about working online was that I could meet and chat with anyone via the team Slack, regardless of their location or department, and especially as a company that develops employee experience tech, I noticed that the team leaders always put our schedules and preferences first! 

Favorite Part of Litespace

I like Litespace's vision for the future of work. Through the platform, as well as our marketing, I could tell that Litespace cared about employee engagement and making sure that all team members felt included to participate. I like how rather than focusing only on office use analytics, scheduling, or space management, Litespace chooses to focus on culture-building and collaboration. It's inspiring knowing that people are looking for ways to make distance working comfortable for employees. 

Challenges and Lessons Learned

My greatest challenge was balancing Litespace with my other commitments, like club meetings, summer classes, and sorting out my housing situation for the coming school year. However, I learned a lot about organization from the way my work days were structured - ie. I would start the day with a call to get set up, and gradually check off my tasks for the day through Slack and Click-Up! I started to develop my own systems to keep myself organized, and it's definitely something that I will bring with me to future jobs and at school. 

My Project Experience

My favorite project was editing our website page on Space Management. I really enjoyed writing the little blurbs and descriptions for the page based on the ideas and content that Jack and the team had already developed. It was very fun to think about the Litespace website from the perspective of an outsider, and I think I learned a lot about teamwork, the Litespace platform, and the marketing side of it all! 

Conclusion: Wrapping Up the Journey

I had a great summer working as a BDR Intern for Litespace. I gained valuable experience in sales and marketing, met some wonderful people, and overall had an exciting and productive time!

Claire Chen

Claire Chen is a summer Business Development Representative Intern at Litespace. Outside of work, she is a sophomore at Queen’s University, where she is studying for a Bachelor of Commerce.


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Claire Chen

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