Why are People Pushing Return To Office?

September 16th, 2023
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Why are People Pushing Return To Office?

Get inspired to return to the office with our motivational insights. Boost your productivity and reignite your passion for work. Join us now!

Motivation in the context of the "Return to Office" trend has become a powerful force shaping the workplace in 2023. The dynamics of this return involve a blend of insights, policy changes, and companies urging employees to come back. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) intertwines with this, as employees adapt to new ideas for returning to their workplaces.

Motivational Aspects of Returning to Office:

  • Workspace Design: Emphasizes the importance of less dense office layouts, providing employees with the open spaces they desire.
  • Smooth Transition: Advocates for a relaxed and trouble-free return to the office plan, ensuring employees easily understand the changes.
  • Communication: Stresses the crucial role of effective communication in enhancing workflow and project coordination.
  • Team Management: Highlights the significance of well-managed teams in the workplace, as supervisors play a key role in motivating their teams.

Types of Motivators Employed by Companies:

  • Intrinsic Motivation: Focuses on tasks done for personal satisfaction rather than external rewards, offering long-term efficiency.
  • Extrinsic Motivation: Relies on external factors and rewards, providing short-term efficiency but potentially becoming unstable over time.

Resource 👉 All You Need to Know about Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivators 

Employee Motivators in 2023:

  • Collaboration: Employees are motivated by collaboration with coworkers.
  • Leadership Interaction: Interaction with leadership is a key motivator.
  • Company Culture: Company culture significantly influences employee motivation.
  • Learning and Development Opportunities: Opportunities for learning and development are crucial motivators.
  • Balancing Personal Life: Work-life balance empowers employees to bring new perspectives and innovations.

Manager Motivators in 2023:

  • Objective Planning: Managers motivate by helping their teams plan objectives.
  • Clear Purpose: Creating a clear purpose for the job is a crucial motivator.
  • Concentration on Team Success: Focusing on the overall success of the team is prioritized.
  • Challenges and Realistic Expectations: Motivators encourage finding opportunities that challenge the team while setting realistic expectations.

Executive Motivators:

  • Overall Growth: Executives focus on the overall growth and assess ventures, projects, and tasks for the company.
  • Innovation Leadership: They are the main driving force behind innovation, guiding employees and managers to meaningful projects.
  • In-Person Collaboration: Executives believe that in-person collaboration is essential for younger employees to build skills and knowledge.

As the Return to Office trend peaks, managers and executives emphasize open communication and collaboration, fostering creativity and innovation within the workplace. The belief in the value of in-person interaction for professional development remains a guiding principle.

Aqsa Aamir
Aqsa Aamir

Aqsa Aamir is a Digital Strategist at Litespace and has a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. Aqsa has experience in several areas of business and digital strategy. Aqsa's proficiency in creating hybrid work tactics to offer guidance in content planning. Her current focus is on hybrid work models and culture building in marketing. 

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