Motivation Thursday: Morning Quotes to Spark up your Day

Apr 11, 2024
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Motivation Thursday: Morning Quotes to Spark up your Day

Start your Thursday with motivation! Discover quotes to uplift you, your family, coworkers, and even your local barista.


A great morning is characterized by a positive attitude. Keeping that upbeat, ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude so close to the end of the week can at times require a small push. The exhaustion of the week is beginning to weigh on you and you simply can not wait for Friday evening. Do not worry we have the solution for you! We have compiled a couple of morning motivation Thursday quotes to cheer up you, your family, your co-worker or your local barrister. 

How can a good quote brighten your day?

Morning quotes especially on days you are not feeling so great can serve as a mode of personal development and motivation. In case you're wondering how they can brighten your morning, here are a few reasons:

Confidence: Speaking goodness into yourself is a sure way to inspire confidence. When you feel good you’re more productive.

Mental Health: Your mental health is as important as your work projects. Maintaining a good equilibrium can be done so by reading a great inspirational quote to start your morning.

Creating Focus: Your morning quotes should reflect the feelings you want to feel during the day. On days like Thursdays when morale may be low, reading quotes that inspire focus might just do the trick.

Positivity: Nothing beats a good positivity boost like a morning quote. 

15 Morning Thursday Motivation Quotes

  1. Good Morning! It's almost Friday keep it pushing. Embrace the new day with gratitude, hope and love. 
  2. Happy Thursday. A new day means renewed opportunities, make this Thursday better than the last.
  3. Every Thursday is a step closer to the weekend. Stay positive, stay vibrant, stay focused. You are that girl/guy.
  4. Good Morning, seize this Thursday and make it your own. You have a blank canvas this day can be whatever you want it to be. 
  5. You are strong. You are kind. You are capable. You are resilient. Thursday is just another day.
  6. A great day starts in the morning. You have endless possibilities. Own this Thursday! 
  7. Believe in yourself and everything will fall into place. Happy Thursday.
  8. You conquered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is your oyster. You can do it.
  9. Take a break you deserve it. Take it slow if you have to but remember Thursdays are not a signal to lax off. Take your moment and come back and be the superstar you are.
  10. Embrace the Thursday challenge. Take on a new mindset and be surprised at how you transform your state of mind.
  11. Rise and Shine. Be grateful you have made it to Thursday. Set your intention and radiate those good vibes.
  12. Its Thursday! I am speaking intention, persistence and productivity into my day. 
  13. Wake up, meditate, set your goals, crush your Thursday.
  14. Thursday is a good day as any to get your shit done.
  15. Don't you want to be able to say you conquered Thursday fatigue? Yes? Seize the day!


Speaking goodness into your morning should be an essential component of your morning routine. On days you feel low energy or burnt out treat yourself by reading inspirational quotes out loud or journaling them. If you run out of Thursday quotes, whip up a new one perhaps remove the Monday from your favorite quote and replace it with Thursday. Do what you have to do to turn that Thursday morning into an opportunity to thrive.

Ruby Janira
Ruby Janira

Ruby is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace. She is eager to apply her background in communications to transform thoughts into words and ideas into engaging narratives.

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