10 Office Trivia Questions: Challenge Your Co-Workers with These Questions

Jan 25, 2024
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10 Office Trivia Questions: Challenge Your Co-Workers with These Questions

Brighten your office break with engaging office trivia questions! Build connections between colleagues with our tailored department-specific questions.

Are you looking for different ways to make your work environment more entertaining? If yes, we have ten office trivia questions for you to challenge your co-workers. In this blog, we will provide you with ten office trivia questions for your company's ten departments, from marketing to accounting.


Office trivia questions are a great way to break the ice during the break or even after work. A successfully organized office trivia event can help break down barriers between interns and seniors. At the same time, it provides a safe space to get to know colleagues outside the formal work environment. 

You don't need a lot for an ideal office trivia night: snacks, prizes for the winning department, and our office trivia questions tailored to each department. This blog will provide you with ten trivia questions with answers. Let's do the countdown now!

Top 10 Office Trivia Questions to Ask

Accounting Department:

This question goes to your company's accounting department. We all know you are responsible for the cash flow, but who's on the Canadian bills? So here's our question: Which Canadian prime minister appears on a fifty-dollar bill?

Answer: Prime Minister Mackenzie King


This question is for all the interns out there who are putting in extreme effort. This question is related to something you all use daily during your shift. What does the acronym “PDF” stand for? 

Answer: Portable Document Format

Data Engineers:

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic since OpenAI released ChatGPT in November 2022. However, artificial intelligence has been there for a while. Which mathematician found the first AI program designed to learn how to play checkers but failed to be completed due to budget cuts? (A small tip: The infamous Sherlock Holmes actor plays this mathemetician in a movie)

Answer: Alan Turing

IT Department:

This question is for all the software programmers out there. This high-level programming language that Sun Microsystems developed is named after the type of coffee from Indonesia. Do you know the name of this programming language?

Answer: Java

Marketing Department:

This one is for the marketing team. What was the first ever registered domain in history? 

Answer: Symbolics.com (1985)

Advertisement Department:

Hello, is the advertisement team out there? In general, you are the leading power when it comes to convincing others to buy the product. There are two words in advertising that evoke the most attention in the client. What are they?

Answer: Free and New

Administrative Department:

Now, it’s the turn for all the administrative folks out there. Now it’s your turn. Fortune magazine revealed the best CEOs of 2023. Who’s the best CEO of 2023, and which company? 

Answer: Jensen Huang, Nvidia

Product Development Department:

As we are getting closer to the end of this list, this question is for the product development department. What methodology maintains constant development and cross-functional collaboration in product development?

Answer: Agile Methodology

Customer Service Department:

Customer Service is one of the most important aspects of any company. However, this department also faces a lot of challenges daily. Our question is related to this. Who was the first recorded customer complaint in history?

Answer: An Ancient Babylonian customer named Nanni in 1750 BC

Human Resources Department:

The last question for the HR folks. Where and when is the term “Human Resources” believed to have originated?

Answer: John R. Commons, an American institutional economist, first coined the term “human resource” in his book The Distribution of Wealth, published in 1893


We came to the end of our list; we hope you find these questions interesting and use them in your next office trivia event. Don’t forget to buy snacks and find a prize for the winning department. We wish you a fun office trivia event! 

Gayé Padir
Gayé Padir

Gaye is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace. She completed her bachelor's in sociology and later obtained a certificate in marketing. She's eager to combine her sociology knowledge and marketing to create compelling content for Litespace.

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