16 Paper Plate Awards for Employee Recognition

December 13, 2023
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16 Paper Plate Awards for Employee Recognition

​​Explore how to use paper plate awards for employee recognition! Uncover creative and meaningful ways to acknowledge your team's diverse talents.

What is a paper plate award?

Employee awards, sometimes referred to as paper plate awards, are recognitions of contribution and hard work. They’re like high-fives in the workplace and a fun and creative way to say, "Hey, you're awesome!". These awards go beyond the serious stuff and make recognizing good work more enjoyable.

These awards go beyond the formalities. They offer a lighthearted and creative approach to recognizing the diverse talents of employees. Whether you're familiar with the concept or just beginning to explore its potential, here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.

What Makes Paper Plate Awards Meaningful?

It's important to take into consideration several different variables when giving paper plate awards. Awards should feel meaningful but personal. 

Lack of clarity in award criteria can lead to confusion and frustration among winners and those who don't receive recognition. Defining the specific reasons for earning an award is crucial for its meaningfulness. Whether it's excelling at daily tasks or demonstrating outstanding teamwork, clearly identifying the behaviors deserving recognition is a good place to start. Here are some broad categories to consider:

  • Team Players 🤝
  • Innovation Champions 🚀
  • Leadership Excellence 🏆
  • Problem Solvers 🔍
  • Mentorship 🌱
  • Positive Attitudes 😊
  • Wellness Advocates 🍏
  • Rookie(s) of the Year 🌟

As evident in the examples above, a fun factor should be sprinkled into awards! Balancing fun and meaning in employee awards creates a positive and enjoyable work environment. This can also be done through inside jokes or funny puns. 

Prioritizing Inclusivity and Respect in Employee Awards

It’s important to keep inclusivity and sensitivity in mind. Be sure to steer clear of topics that may be offensive or inappropriate. Jokes or awards related to personal appearance, cultural background, or any sensitive personal information should be strictly avoided. By keeping inclusivity in mind, a workplace where employees feel valued can be fostered.

16 Paper Plate Awards to Get Started

1. Employee of the Month 🏆

Recognizing someone for consistently delivering exceptional results and coming out on top for the month!

2. Idea Wizard 🚀

Recognizing someone who always has creative and cool ideas.

3. Best Leader 🏆

Saying a big "thank you" to the person who leads well.

4. Always on Time

Given to someone who always finishes their work on time.

5. Problem Solver 🕵️♂️

Recognizing someone excellent at finding solutions to problems.

6. Helpful Mentor 🌱

Celebrating someone good at helping and guiding others.

7. Wellness Warrior 💪🍏

Saying "thank you" to someone who promotes wellness in the workplace. 

8. New Star 🌟🚀

Recognizing someone new but already doing a great job.

9. Inspiration Friend 💡🌟

Saying "thank you" to the person who always inspires the team.

10. Creative Star 🎨💡

Awarded to someone who always comes up with cool and creative ideas.

11. Details Master 🔍✨

Recognizing someone good at paying attention to small things.

12. Top Performer ⛰️🚀

Awarded to someone who always does their best and surpasses quotas.

13. Problem Fixer 🛠️

Recognizing someone good at fixing things.

14. Friendly Face 😊👋

Celebrating someone who's always friendly and welcoming.

15. Learn-it-All 📘🌟

Celebrating someone who loves learning new things.

16. Amazing Organizer 📆✨

Celebrating someone good at organizing events and get-togethers.

As workplaces implement these awards, remember that fostering a positive work environment is an ongoing journey. Adding a touch of creativity into recognition practices can contribute to a workplace culture that values every individual's unique qualities. 

Key Takeaways

  • Employee awards, or paper plate awards, serve as a lighthearted and creative means of recognizing contributions and hard work in the workplace.
  • Clearly define award criteria like as excelling in daily tasks or demonstrating exceptional teamwork
  • Avoid topics that may be offensive or inappropriate, such as personal appearance or cultural background
  • Examples like "Employee of the Month," "Idea Wizard," and "Best Leader" showcase a variety of awards that can be tailored to specific achievements.

Try implementing paper plate awards in your workplace today!

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Sarah Xu

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