Trivia Card Games You Need To Elevate The Team Spirit in 2024

Jan 30, 2024
5 mins to read
Trivia Card Games You Need To Elevate The Team Spirit in 2024

Rediscover the joy of trivia card games at the office. We guarantee that these trivia card games will bring back the nostalgia to your office.

Do you want to organize trivia card games event at the office? Then, you’re at the right place! In this blog, we will provide five trivia card games you can play at the office at your next event.


Before the internet era, most of us spent our time playing trivia card games. Trivia card games were a great way to socialize with friends, have fun and expand our knowledge of various topics. However, trivia card games don’t have to be forgotten; they can still be used at office events.

Trivia card games can be an excellent way to encourage collaboration while spending quality time with your colleagues. You are at the right place if you’re looking for different card games. Here are the five trivia card games you can buy on Amazon.  

Trivia Card Games You Need To Elevate The Team Spirit in 2024

Shot in the Dark game

This game consists of 400 extraordinary questions with answers. It’s ideal for colleagues and friends. Shot in the Dark can be played by at least 2 people and go up to 99 players. 

Where to buy: 

Should Have Known That! - A Trivia Game About Things You Oughta Know

This game is extraordinarily bizarre, and you know why? In this trivia card game, you gain points for every incorrect answer, contrary to normal trivia games. Yes, you have read that right. If this game intrigues you, follow the link below to lighten up your next office trivia event. 

Where to buy: 

History Channel Trivia Game

This game is for all the history fans out there in the office. History Channel is a known network all around the globe. Therefore, this game with over 2000 questions will probably attract all the history fans at the office. This game needs 2+ players, and the average play time is 30-45 minutes.

Where to buy:

Trivial Pursuit X Game

Trivial Pursuit is the pinnacle of all the trivia games, it’s a classic. This version includes around 300 cards, an ink stamper and instructions. In this version, players with five stamps lose. Unfortunately, the loser will also get stamped on their forehead…

Where to buy: 

The Killer Trivia Game

Are there any mystery game fans at the office? Then this game is the perfect game for them. This game has more than 200 question cards, which contain around 700 questions. Follow the link down below to purchase this extremely amusing game.

The link: 


In this blog post, we have highlighted five different trivia card games, each targeting specific genres and interests. These card games can contribute to boosting team spirit while providing entertainment. We hope you will enjoy our list and have a great time!

Gayé Padir
Gayé Padir

Gaye is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace. She completed her bachelor's in sociology and later obtained a certificate in marketing. She's eager to combine her sociology knowledge and marketing to create compelling content for Litespace.

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