Understanding The WARN Notice NY

Mar 10, 2024
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Understanding The WARN Notice NY

Discover the importance of the WARN Notice NY in protecting workers during mass layoffs & closures. Learn key requirements & consequences.

Since employment law is always evolving, it is highly recommended that both employers and employees must be aware of their rights and obligations. Among the statutes designed to safeguard workers' interests, the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Notice stands out as a significant piece of legislation. In the state of New York, this act plays a pivotal role in protecting workers in the event of mass layoffs or closures. This blog aims to highlight the importance of the WARN Notice in the state of New York.

What is The WARN Notice NY?

The WARN Notice is a piece of legislation aimed at providing employees with advance notice in cases of mass layoffs, plant closures, or significant reductions in the workforce. Intended to mitigate the adverse effects of sudden job loss, the WARN Notice NY mandates that employers of the state of New York meet certain obligations to ensure that affected employees have adequate time to prepare for the transition and seek alternative employment or training opportunities.

Why is The WARN Notice Important?

At its core, the WARN Notice NY is designed to protect the rights of workers facing the uncertainty of mass layoffs, plant closures, or significant reductions in the workforce. By mandating employers to provide advance notice, the act offers affected employees the opportunity to prepare for the transition and explore alternative employment options.

Key Factors

1. Mitigating Financial Hardship 

Sudden job loss can lead to financial instability for individuals and their families. The WARN Notice NY helps mitigate this hardship by giving employees adequate time to plan for their financial needs, such as paying bills, securing health insurance coverage, and budgeting for the period of unemployment.

2. Encouraging Responsible Business Practices

Compliance with the WARN Notice NY encourages employers to adopt responsible and ethical business practices. By providing advance notice and engaging in dialogue with affected employees, employers demonstrate their commitment to transparency, fairness, and respect for their workforce. 

3 . Promoting Workforce Stability 

By requiring employers to provide advance notice of workforce changes, the WARN Notice NY contributes to maintaining stability within the labour market. Employees who receive timely notification can better manage the impact of layoffs or closures, reducing the likelihood of panic or disorderly exits from the workforce.

WARN Notice NY Requirements

These are the key requirements of the WARN Notice NY:

1. Employer Coverage

The WARN Notice NY applies to employers who have 50 or more full-time employees, excluding part-time employees, and who intend to carry out covered employment actions such as mass layoffs or significant workforce reductions at a single site of employment.

2. Employee Coverage

The act protects full-time employees who may be affected by covered employment actions. Part-time employees may also be entitled to protection under certain circumstances.

3. Notice Requirement 

Employers subject to the WARN Notice NY must provide affected employees, their representatives (such as unions), the New York State Department of Labor, and local workforce investment boards with a minimum of 90 days advance written notice before implementing a covered action. 

4. Content of Notice 

The written notice provided by employers must include specific information, such as the expected date of the employment action, the reason for the action, and a statement regarding whether the action is expected to be permanent or temporary. Additionally, employers must provide information about employee rights and available assistance programs.

5. Penalties for Non-Compliance

 Employers failing to comply with the WARN Notice NY may be subject to penalties, including back pay and benefits for affected employees for each day of the violation, as well as potential civil penalties.

What happens if you violate the WARN Notice NY?

Employees who believe their rights under the WARN Notice NY have been violated may file civil lawsuits against their employers. In such cases, employers may be liable for damages, including lost wages, benefits, and other financial losses incurred by affected employees as a result of the violation.

Upholding Workers' Rights

As we have seen, the WARN Notice NY serves as a crucial safeguard, ensuring that employees are not left vulnerable to the consequences of sudden job loss. By requiring employers to provide advance notice of significant workforce changes, the legislation empowers workers to make informed decisions about their future while also fostering a sense of accountability among employers.


The WARN Notice NY is not merely a set of legal requirements. It represents a fundamental commitment to upholding the dignity and rights of workers across the state of New York. By understanding and adhering to the provisions of the act, employers and employees alike contribute to a workplace culture that values transparency, accountability, and mutual respect.

Bhavna Ganapathi
Bhavna Ganapathi

Bhavna is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace. She has a background in digital marketing and psychology. She is passionate about combining content strategy with creativity to build meaningful connections within hybrid and remote working environments.

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