20 Work Anniversary Memes for your Gen-Z Co-Worker

Jan 23, 2024
7 mins to read
20 Work Anniversary Memes for your Gen-Z Co-Worker

Finding a medium to connect with your Gen-Z co-worker can be challenging. A work anniversary meme is a fun creative outlet that shows you care!


In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace culture, finding creative ways to celebrate milestones is essential. Memes, for one, are a great platform for connecting people across diverse backgrounds. Meme culture is especially popular among younger audiences, therefore, a fun way to wish your Gen Z co-worker a happy work anniversary. In this blog post, we will compile three sub-categories of memes you can send to your Gen Z co-workers to celebrate their work anniversary. 

Funny Work Anniversary Memes

Funny satirical humour is one way to commemorate the milestone. Gen Z professionals love memes that poke fun even in serious situations. Here are a few examples. 

Animal Memes

Everyone loves a cute animal. Popular meme culture especially enjoys dogs dressed up in dapper attire, sharks cosplaying action figures or flat-out frowning cats. Find below a compilation of memes with different animals. P.S. Do minions count? We think they could add a touch of satirical humour!

Pop culture References

This section is jam-packed with ideas. Pop culture is a huge part of Gen Z discourse. Finding the perfect balance between witty and apt internet lore can make the difference between a flat meme and your co-worker doubling over in laughter. In this section, we will offer specific captions to help you understand the context of each reference. 

Every young professional remembers their days on the now shutdown app Vine. This Justin Bieber fanatic wrote her own rendition of ‘Boyfriend’ by Justin Biber adding a touch of crazy many people found intriguing. Sending your Gen Z co-workers a reminder of their teen years is bound to tickle. 

A nudge to ‘Orange is the New Black’s’ fan favourite character Crazy Eyes is a terrific cause for bonding. 

This one is for all the DC enthusiasts. Many young professionals grew up with the DC vs Marvel arguments. Sending out a DC meme is sure to spark a newfound appreciation from your co-worker or if you're unlucky a friendly argument. Either way, you’re bound to have a laugh.

What would this list be without a nod to the iconic Beyonce Renaissance Tour of 2023?

Mean Girls was the it-girl chick flick for all the little girls in 2004. Regina George is a guarantee for a happy co-worker. 

What’s a work anniversary meme without ‘The Office’?

Mr Burns is famously known for being difficult to impress. If you send this to your co-worker they’ll know their special!

Sometimes the message can be passed across by Leonardo Dicaprio from Django Unchained. Don't worry they'll just get it! 


In today’s digital age, nothing says happy work anniversary better than a meme. Feel free to make your own memes using websites such as Img Flip, Canva or IloveImg and don't forget to wish your Gen-Z coworker a happy work anniversary!

Ruby Janira
Ruby Janira

Ruby is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace. She is eager to apply her background in communications to transform thoughts into words and ideas into engaging narratives.

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