Workaversary or Workiversary? No More Confusion

December 2, 2023
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Workaversary or Workiversary? No More Confusion

Discover whether you should be a team 'workiversary' or 'workaversary.' Get insights and creative alternatives to make your employee recognition truly special.


Both terms are two differently spelled combinations of the words work and anniversary. The roots of these words are linked to how workplaces have changed over time. Workiversary and workaversary are simple mixes, highlighting the professional side of celebrating work milestones. 

Which One Is Right?

According to Google Trends Reports, workiversary is a term that is twice more searchable on Google than workaversary, the trend has been true for the last five years. The majority of companies adopt ‘workiversary’ for its simplicity and wider spread acceptance. It’s more widely used and roles off the tongue better.

Therefore, if you had to pick one correct term to refer to an employee’s start day at a company, that would be ‘workiversary’. 


Choosing between "workiversary" and "workaversary" usually comes down to things like age, the trends of different generations, and personal work experiences. This is reflected on social media, where hashtags like #Workiversary and #Workaversary coexist, mirroring all these individual preferences. 

Company Variations

Companies are just as diverse as their cultures. Some have come up with creative names for dates to recognize the employees. Frequently it’s the employees themselves who invent labels for their work milestones.  People working at Google for example might use ‘Googleversary’ to celebrate their time with the company. 

What if your company name doesn’t work?

Well, variations may come from industry names as well. For instance, people working in tech may use “techiversary” to add a tech-savvy flair to the celebration. At the same time showing the importance of the industry to their identity. 

Sometimes company names are too long to add another few syllables to. Some are too abstract to be combined with -iversary. There is still room for creativity!

T-Mobile is a great example of a company that chose to base its work anniversary name on something other than the company’s name. The color - magenta - is T-Mobile’s unique feature. Magentaversary is what you would celebrate if you were part of their team. 

There must be something different for your organization. A feature positively associated with you only. Maybe it’s

  • your brand’s mascot, 
  • the product you sell,
  • company’s vision, mission, or values.

Consider any of these to create a title that resonates with your business.

If the coined term does not resonate with the company’s ethos, stick to the conventional ‘workiversary’. Recognizing people outweighs the specific term you chose to do that.

How To Wish Someone For Workiversary

You may not embrace the linguistic diversity but choose to celebrate in a way that resonates with the team. Wishing someone on their work anniversary is a thoughtful way to acknowledge their contributions. Consider the following ideas when expressing your wishes for a work anniversary.

1. Personalized Message

Craft a customized message for the celebration. Add a genuine touch to your wishes, showing that you recognize the employee’s value and consider them a valuable team member. 

2. Small Gift Or Gesture 

Consider accompanying your wishes with a small gift or gesture. It could be

  • a handwritten note, 
  • their favorite sweet,
  • or a useful office accessory. 

Small gestures help make celebrations memorable.

3. Customized Video Message

Create a short video message featuring team members sharing best wishes. A heartfelt montage can make the person feel truly special. 

4. Team Lunch 

Treat the person (or the whole team) with a team lunch or a festive coffee break. Spending quality time together outside of regular work hours strengthens team bonds. 

5. Virtual Celebration

Host an online celebration or send an e-card to commemorate the work anniversary, especially useful if the person is currently away from the office. A virtual gathering brings the team together no less than a physical one.

Closing Thoughts 

Whether you’re team ‘workiversary’ or ‘workaversary’, the essence of appreciating your employees remains unchanged. It’s the time to acknowledge dedication and commitment. The choice of terminology reflects each company's unique identity, but it is not as significant as the effort to appreciate your workforce.

Daria Smirnova
Daria Smirnova

Daria Smirnova is a marketing manager at Litespace, bringing expertise in public relations and digital strategy consulting. With a keen interest in technology, she consistently explores innovations in UX and products and leverages her knowledge to come up with creative marketing strategies.

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