Employee Appreciation Quotes: Motivate your Employees!

Feb 5, 2024
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Employee Appreciation Quotes: Motivate your Employees!

Boost workplace morale with 75 employee appreciation quotes. Recognize hard work and dedication for a thriving company culture

How do you keep your employees motivated and productive in their work? You recognize them for their hard work and dedication! Appreciating your employees can increase their morale while creating a better company vibe. Check out the 75 employee appreciation quotes below that you can use to recognize the sweat and tears that your employees put into their work! 

Why Should you Appreciate your Employees?

What is the point in sending an appreciation work quote? The answer is that employees now more than ever need internal motivators to keep them engaged in their work. Specifically, Gen-Z employees have stated that they need more than money to motivate them. Below are 3 reasons why employee appreciation is important for any company. 

Retention of Top Talent

With the competitive job market, keeping the top talent in your company is crucial for its success. When employees are praised for their efforts, they will more likely want to stay with your company. 

Higher Employee Engagement

With employee recognition, employees will feel like they are part of a “work family” rather than just being a worker. With a better company culture, employees will want to spend more time interacting with their workplace. 

Increase Productivity and Performance

When employees are noticed for their work, they will feel more motivated and productive. Appreciation helps with motivation and productivity as employees are more satisfied at their work, which will allow them to increase their overall performance. 

Employee Appreciation Quotes

Let your employees know you value all their effort and dedication to their work by sending them a quick appreciation quote!

  1. A company is only as good as its employees; you make this organization great!
  2. I've been so lucky to work with such great people: people that are such hard workers  and have such respect and appreciation for one another. – Blake Lively
  3. Your late nights, early mornings, and long hours do not go unnoticed. Thank you for your tireless hard work.
  4. I thought that I worked very hard, but then I met you and discovered what dedication really means.
  5. Today we honour employees, but really, the honour is mine. I am so privileged to manage employees as awesome as you all are. 
  6. Your relentless pursuit of excellence sets you apart. Your hard work is an inspiration to us all.
  7. I really appreciate that you give yourself that extra push every time. Thank you.
  8. Giving 110% is only meant to be a euphemism, but you’ve proven it can be meant literally. You amaze me.
  9. You aren’t expected to do it all – but if anyone could, it would be you. Great work!
  10. You make working hard look easy. Keep doing what you’re doing.
  11. You motivated, supported, and cared for me throughout your time here. You're a wonderful person, and working with you was an honour, so thank you for all you've taught me.
  12. I want you to know I appreciate and notice your invaluable efforts. The commitment and ideas that go into your tasks are impressive, so thanks for all you do.
  13. A great employee can be likened to a four-leaf clover. You are difficult to find, and we are lucky to have you.
  14. The perfect employee lifts others up, and you are always the most positive one in the room. Thank you for your bright smile and can-do attitude.
  15. Thank you for your unique perspective and innovative take on things. Your talent, combined with your helpful attitude, is what makes this team great!

Work Ethic Appreciation Quotes

Employees are the backbone of any company. Recognize and celebrate employees for their strong work ethic that motivates those around them!

Your work ethic is a shining example of what it means to be a dedicated professional. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence.

  1. Your strong work ethic and determination make you an invaluable asset to our team.
  2. Thank you for always going above and beyond what's expected of you.
  3. Your work and dedication are outstanding - thank you so much! 
  4. Thank you for your hard work on continuously keeping our team in the loop with our prospects....you got this!!
  5. Your work ethic is an inspiration to us all. Your passion and drive fuel the success of our organization
  6. We all know work is hard, but you make it look so effortless. Thank you for all that you do. 
  7. Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude – Ralph Marston
  8. You get all the gold stars. Every. Single. One.
  9. Your creative and innovative thinking has put you on a level of your own. Keep moving forward; we love your work.
  10. Although your work speaks for itself, there is something we need to say. Your incredible work ethic has not gone unnoticed. Your commitment to every task is outstanding.
  11. Your tireless efforts and attention to detail make a significant difference. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
  12. Your unwavering commitment to excellence sets you apart as a true standout performer. Thank you for continuously raising the bar.
  13. Your hard work deserves all the gratitude in the world.
  14. Your work ethic continues to impress the whole team. Thank you for the long hours of creative and innovative thinking.
  15. You never stop before the job is done, and for that, I thank you.

Funny Employee Appreciation Quotes

Who doesn’t love a good laugh to start their day? Send your a funny employee appreciation quote to brighten up anyone’s day!

  1. You are the glue that holds this team together, without you, we’d be stuck!
  2. If I sang the praises of your hard work, I would lose my voice pretty quickly 
  3. You are the reason our team has a “laughter quota” that must be met daily. 
  4. I need sunglasses to read the glowing reviews about you. 
  5. You didn’t just raise the bar, you shot it to the stratosphere!! Your hard work takes the company to new heights.
  6. Slow down; you make the rest of us look bad. But seriously, kudos to you for being so amazing!
  7. Because of you, Monday mornings are not only manageable but fun!
  8. You do spectacular work. If we did report cards around here, you’d be a straight-A student and make the honour roll.
  9. Mark Twain said, “Humour is mankind’s greatest blessing.” Thanks for blessing us every day with your sharp wit.
  10. If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. – Dalai Lama
  11. If I had a penny for every time you demonstrate hard work and dedication, I would be rich!

Co-Worker Appreciation Quotes

Show your co-workers you value them by sending someone an employee-to-employee appreciation quote!

  1. Attitude is contagious, and yours is well worth catching!
  2. You should hear all the nice things your colleagues say about you behind your back!
  3. Working with a coworker as bright and uplifting as you is a pleasure!
  4. Thank you for making me laugh! Your sense of humour is a gift!
  5. We hope you realize the positive effect you have on others!
  6. Remember that we believe in you and root for you!
  7. You give us all something to aspire to. The team looks up to you, and the boss is in awe of your accomplishments!
  8. Thank you for stepping up, blazing trails, and leading by example!
  9. Thank you for a job well done every time. It makes me relaxed knowing I can depend on you.
  10. Thank you for always being a team player. Your selflessness and commitment to your colleagues have not gone unnoticed!
  11. You've set the example of how talent combined with excellent work pays off. Thank you for showing everyone that with dedication, nothing is impossible.
  12. Your exceptional contributions and willingness to step up when needed, set you apart. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure our success. 
  13. Your support and encouragement during challenging times have been invaluable. Thank you for being a source of inspiration to your peers.
  14. Your recognition and appreciation of your colleagues' efforts make a difference. Thank you for acknowledging the contributions of others.
  15. Your kind words and genuine appreciation for your colleagues create a positive work atmosphere. We admire and appreciate your ability to uplift others.
  16. You inspire me to look at everything in a more positive light. I can’t thank you enough for your uniquely optimistic attitude.
  17. You’re such a good friend to everyone here – you bring empathy and camaraderie to a whole new level. Your whole team values you – and so do I.

Team Appreciation Quotes

A dynamic and engaging team is the key to accomplishing any company goal. Boost your team synergy by sending a team appreciation quote! 

  1. Your unwavering support, cooperation, and teamwork have made a significant impact on our collective achievements. Thank you for being an invaluable team member.
  2. Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Thank you for being an essential part of our successful team.
  3. The synergy we create as a team is the secret ingredient to our accomplishments. 
  4. Thank you for your collaboration and for making our shared goals a reality.
  5. Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone! Your passion, perseverance, and professionalism have made a lasting impact on our team and our success
  6. The team appreciates your unceasing support and unyielding enthusiasm!
  7. So glad to have you onboard. We would be adrift without you!
  8. Your unique perspective adds so much to our team. We are so grateful to have you with us.
  9. Your collaboration and teamwork skills are exceptional. Thank you for your commitment to working together towards our common goals.
  10. Your ability to work effectively as part of a team is commendable. Your contributions have strengthened our collective success.
  11. Your commitment to supporting and uplifting your teammates is truly commendable. Thank you for fostering a positive team environment.
  12. Your ability to work seamlessly with others and contribute to a cohesive team dynamic is highly valued. Thank you for your excellent teamwork.
  13. Don’t think I haven’t noticed all of your hard work. You are the backbone of your team, and I appreciate all you do.
  14. You’re very special to the whole team – this place isn’t the same when you’re not here.
  15. I can’t say enough about how terrific you are as a member of this team – and you’re twice as wonderful as a person.
  16. You’re a remarkable team member in the way you bring joy to the workplace every day. Thank you for your tireless enthusiasm.
  17. This team is a model for all others. Keep up the amazing work.

Don’t forget to customize your appreciation quotes with specific examples and projects your employees have done. Send your employees an appreciation quote now to brighten up their day!

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Katherine Sau

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