Happy Workiversary: Ways To Celebrate Work Anniversary

December 1, 2023
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Happy Workiversary: Ways To Celebrate Work Anniversary

Celebrate work anniversaries with flair! Explore gestures to foster appreciation and build a thriving workplace culture.

What is a workiversary?

Workiversary is a shorter term for work anniversary. It celebrates the time an employee has spent with a company and their contribution. Whether marking a one-year milestone or a decade of dedication, recognizing these anniversaries is essential for nurturing a positive workplace culture and expressing gratitude for your team members. 

How To Celebrate Virtually

Celebrating work anniversaries online requires creativity and thoughtful planning. Here are some ideas to make virtual celebrations memorable. 

1. E-Gift Cards

Consider sending e-gift cards to employees, allowing them to choose their preferred online retailer. 

2. Virtual Dinner 

Food is one of the best ways to bring everyone together. Making a feast is harder online, but it’s possible through Uber Eats credits for employees. It can be a great choice, giving everyone in the virtual office a chance to enjoy a meal together, even if it’s through video calls.

3. Home Office Makeover Budget

There is nothing more discouraging than monotony. Sometimes all you need to do to feel more inspired is to re-decorate your office space.

Allocate a budget for a home office makeover. This could include:

  • ergonomic furniture,
  • decor,
  • or even tech upgrades.

This not only enhances an employee's remote work experience but also shows that the company values their well-being.

4. Care Packages

There’re services that deliver curated work anniversary packages, full of special treats and unique goodies. These boxes are particularly valuable when you can’t share memorable moments face-to-face.  

How To Celebrate In-Person 

For those fortunate to be in the same physical location, celebrating workiversaries offline adds a  personal touch. Consider some of the following ideas. 

1. A Half Day Off

Allow your employees to enjoy the milestone without the regular work stress. Give them a chance to relax and grant a half-day off as a token of appreciation.

2. Decorate Their Workspace

Create a festive atmosphere by decorating the employee’s workspace. Show that their contribution is valued by brightening their desk with

  • balloons, 
  • streamers, 
  • personalized desk accessories, such as customized nameplates or stationary, 
  • add a board with cards, messages or drawings from colleagues.

3. Throw An Office Party

Organise a happy hour for the team or a small office party with cake and snacks. Consider covering a meal for the celebrated employee and the team to celebrate together.

Universal Ways To Celebrate In Any Setting 

Certain gestures work well both in on-site and remote work settings. The sky is the limit here, consider one of the options below. 

1. Monetary Bonus

To some employees, a monetary bonus is the preferred kind of reward. Provide financial benefit to acknowledge the employee’s dedication and hard work. 

However, keep in mind that a strong blend of both monetary and non-monetary rewards is necessary to keep employees happy. 

2. Handwritten Card 

Take the time to write a personal message to wish a happy work anniversary. A warm handwritten letter of appreciation can make someone’s day. It could either be left on the desk in the office or mailed to the employee by post. 

3. Paid Time Off 

Offer additional paid time off or sponsor a trip as a way of expressing gratitude. 

4. Customized Company Swag 

The company’s merchandise makes for great workiversary gifts and provides the sense of belonging among employees. Customized gifts may include:

  • branded outwear, t-shirts or hoodies,
  • laptop sleeves and backpacks with the company logo,
  • tech accessories, 
  • outdoor or fitness gear,
  • and home items. 

5. Check An Item Off The Bucket List

Work with the employee to find out what it is that they really want to do, but haven’t had a chance to complete yet. It could be a personal goal or a bucket list item. Help them achieve it.  

6. Paid Sabbatical

Offer a paid sabbatical to allow time for personal growth.

7. Public Recognition

Give a shout out to your employee publicly, celebrate their achievements on LinkedIn or the company's website. Let them feel appreciated on a different scale.    

Final Thoughts

Celebrating workiversaries shouldn’t be considered as formality. It’s an opportunity to bond with your employees. Each celebration, be it virtual or in-person, contributes to a positive work environment. It motivates and fosters a shared sense of achievement. As you mark these milestones, keep in mind the power of appreciation in building a thriving workplace culture.

Daria Smirnova
Daria Smirnova

Daria Smirnova is a marketing manager at Litespace, bringing expertise in public relations and digital strategy consulting. With a keen interest in technology, she consistently explores innovations in UX and products and leverages her knowledge to come up with creative marketing strategies.

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