Is Desk Booking an Effective Tool for Your Workspace?

July 8th, 2022
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Is Desk Booking an Effective Tool for Your Workspace?

Discover how desk booking optimizes workspace utilization fosters an efficient recruitment processes. Unlock the potential of your workspace with desk booking.

The trend in Creating Flexible Desk Booking with Hybrid Work Model 

Even though the hybrid work model is currently the most popular, it can occasionally be challenging. The tendency of flexible working was always there in our workplaces, but it was not widely applied until the epidemic. 

Downsizing office space can help businesses adopting the hybrid work model save money, but it's also crucial to use the space to its fullest potential.

It is critical for teams contemplating the hybrid work model to have the necessary tools to effectively implement the new transition. When considering the hybrid work model, accessibility to the workplace is critical, and desk reservations simplify things. 

What is Desk Booking?

Desk booking is managing and optimizing office spaces and resources using technology. Desk booking is a vital tool when contemplating the hybrid work style, and it is a platform that makes it easy to identify and book a desk in today's flexible working environment. By providing locations and maps of the office space, the desk booking tool aids in office planning. It allows you to schedule the appropriate space based on your team's needs and collaboration among team members. 

It allows you to schedule your space well in advance, making it easy for employees to arrive on location. 

Desk booking software is all about the convenience and experiences it provides employees. Technology advancements have made it easier for us to adapt to hybrid workspaces. However, it is critical to identify the best tool for your company's specific requirements. 

Why is Desk Booking Important?

  1. Adaptability: Desk booking allows employees to reserve workspace as needed, providing flexibility to accommodate varying work schedules, preferences, and tasks.
  2. Optimizing Space Utilization: In today's hybrid work environment, optimizing office space utilization is essential. Desk booking helps organizations maximize the use of available workspace by allowing employees to book desks or meeting rooms based on their requirements.
  3. Facilitating Hybrid Work Models: As organizations embrace hybrid work models that blend remote and in-office work, desk booking becomes an essential tool for managing the transition seamlessly.
  4. Supporting Health and Safety Measures: In the post-pandemic era, health and safety considerations are paramount in the workplace. Desk booking enables organizations to implement and enforce social distancing protocols, sanitation procedures, and capacity limits effectively.

Pros of Desk Booking 

  1. Improved Collaboration: With the right desk booking solution, teams can effortlessly sync their schedules and engage in teamwork, which enhances productivity and interaction.
  2. Flexibility: Desk booking allows flexibility and makes it easier to offer the hybrid work model to your staff. Using the proper hybrid strategy improves employee experience.
  3. Time Management: Employees and companies can benefit from this technology by saving time and money. It allows you to organize your week, manage your workplace space, and optimize overall utilization.
  4. Fewer Interruptions: Meetings are frequently interrupted by someone arriving to see if the room is full. A desk booking system allows you to rent a space in advance and determine when you will use it, resulting in fewer interruptions. 

Cons of Desk Booking 

  1. Communication: Communication can suffer if the desking booking system is not adequately controlled. Another time waster does not know where your team is located. Finding and coordinating with your team can be challenging if the office is scattered across multiple floors. 
  2. Challenges: Some people prefer to work in familiar surroundings and put a personal touch on their workstations, but this is not possible while rotating desks. Permanent personal space may not benefit employees in the hybrid work arrangement. 
  3. Disrupts the Office Hierarchy: Desk booking disrupts hierarchy and all of your efforts to move into a private office. With desk booking, someone with 12 years of experience could work next to a brand-new hire. That kind of arrangement will not be acceptable to everyone. 
  4. Security Concerns: If you or your team deal with confidential papers daily, desk booking may be an issue. With flexibility comes challenges, and you must be cautious when handling confidential information. 

Different Types of Desk Booking 

Often terms like Desk booking, Hot desking, and desk Hoteling are overlapped; they mean different things. Let's talk about their differences. 

  1. Desk booking involves prior booking of an available desk or space at your office. One can reserve a desk for the day using a device.
  2. Hot desking involves an office setup with no assigned desks; employees can work from any space available. Multiple employees use a single workspace. 
  3. Desk hoteling: Just like desk booking, employees reserve their space. It is based on checking- in and checking out to confirm the space is theirs for a particular time. 

Key Learnings:

  • Employees who know they can reserve their space and create a good workspace environment tend to be more productive and energetic. 
  • The key to managing hybrid offices is a reliable desk booking system. Your company needs highly effective desk booking software with the hybrid model still evolving. 

Using the correct tools is the first step towards making hybrid work models easy!

Request a demo to learn more about hybrid work tools and how Litespace can assist you in navigating the transition.

Hassan Jaffar
Hassan Jaffar

Hassan has always been passionate about startups and has 5+ years in building products and creating designs. He is thrilled to share lessons learned from building companies' culture.

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