July 8th, 2022

Is Desk Booking an Effective Tool for Your Workspace?

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July 8th, 2022

Space management is more important than knowing your desk. Learn about the key considerations when you are hiring more people.

The hybrid work model can sometimes be difficult to navigate but the hybrid work model is the most preferred today. The trend of flexible working was always a part of our workspaces but wasn’t much implemented until the pandemic. 

Companies moving to the hybrid work model, can reduce their costs by downsizing the office space but it is also important to maximise the office efficiently.

For teams considering the hybrid work model, it is essential to have the right tools to help you implement the modern change effectively. When you consider the hybrid work model, making the office accessible to everyone is a key factor. Desk booking makes it easier. 

What is Desk Booking ?

Desk booking is the process of managing and maximising office spaces, resources through the use of technology. Desk booking is an essential tool while considering the hybrid work model. It is a tool that makes finding and booking a desk an easier task in today’s flexible working environment. The desk booking tool helps with the office layout such as locations and maps of the office space. It enables you to book the right space depending on the needs of your team and coordination among team members. 

It lets you book your space well in advance, making it easier for employees when coming on site. 

Desk booking software is all about the ease and experience it creates for the employees.  

Technology advances have made it easier for us to adapt to the hybrid workspaces. However, it is important to find the right tool which meets your company's specific needs. 

Pros of desk booking 

Improved collaboration

With the right desk booking tool, teams can easily sync their schedules, engage in teamwork which also increases productivity and interaction.


Desk booking enables flexibility and makes it easier to offer the hybrid work model to your employees. It increases employee experience by implementing the correct hybrid strategy.

Time management 

This tool can save time and reduce costs for employees and employers. It helps you plan your week, manage your office space and maximise overall utilisation.

Fewer interruptions 

Often meetings get interrupted by someone coming to check if the room is occupied. With a desk booking system, you can book a space in advance and it lets you set the time you will be using the space which causes lesser interruptions. 

Cons of desk booking 


Communication can be affected if the desking system isn't properly managed. Not knowing where your team is sitting is another time waster. If the office is spread across floors, finding and coordinating with your team can get difficult. 


Some people like working in familiar places and adding a personal touch to their workspace but that's not possible while rotating desks. With the hybrid work model, permanent personal space may not work in the favour of employees. 

Disrupts the office hierarchy

Desk booking disrupts hierarchy and all that effort you have put to move into a private office. With desk booking, someone with 12 years experience might be working next to a brand new hire. Not everyone will accept that kind of arrangement. 

Security concerns 

If you or your team members deal with confidential documents on a daily basis, this could be a concern with desk booking. With flexibility, desk booking also comes with challenges and you need to be a little more careful while handling sensitive documents. 

Often terms like Desk booking, Hot desking and desk Hoteling are overlapped, they mean different things. Let's talk about their differences. 

Desk booking 

It involves prior booking of an available desk or space at your office. One can reserve a desk for the day with the use of a device.

Hot desking 

It involves an office setup in which there are no assigned desks, employees can work from any space available. Multiple employees use a single workspace. 

Desk hoteling 

Just like desk booking, desk hoteling involves employees to reserve their space. It is based on the idea of checking- in and checking out to confirm the space is theirs for a particular time. 

When employees know they can reserve their own space and create a good workspace environment, they tend to be more productive and energetic. 

The key to managing hybrid offices is with a reliable desk booking system. With the hybrid model still evolving, your company needs a highly effective desk booking software. 

Using the right tools is the first step to making hybrid models easier!


To learn more about hybrid tools, and how litespace can make the change easier for you, request a demo here.

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