5 Ways to Level Up Your Home Office

February 11th, 2022
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5 Ways to Level Up Your Home Office

Elevate your home office with these 5 tips for increased motivation and productivity. Transform your workspace and boost your work-from-home experience.

Key Highlights: 

  • Invest in a comfortable workspace to improve productivity and health at home.
  • A well-lit environment can inspire you to work harder, improves concentration, and lessens the strain on your eyes.
  • How your workspace is organized can affect how productive you are. Working in a cluttered environment isn't smart as it can hinder productivity.
  • Air purification and room freshening are also benefits of having a few plants in your workspace.
  • Focus on efficiency, space, lights, and decorations while designing your office.

1 - Find an Ergonomic Chair and Desk 

You don't want to skit color-changing on this investment because it's crucial. Having a comfortable workspace can help improve your productivity and your body. You're probably sitting in your chair for a few hours, so you must find one that's comfy. Apart from finding a comfy chair, adding an adjustable standing desk can benefit your posture and health. Standing desks are great because they can adjust to your height, and you're able to change your position every once in a while. You can find affordable standing desk options at Ikea starting at $239. 

To choose which chair and desk are the best for you, research before buying.

Check out the Best Office Chairs and affordable workspace color-changing in Toronto that are easily purchasable.  

2 - Have Good Lighting

Avoid straining your eyes while working. Having good lighting can help you focus better and reduce eye fatigue. Spend time experimenting with the location you want your desk to be placed. You don't want to be working and have a glare on your screen the whole day. A well-lit room can motivate you to do better than a dim, dull one. 

Nanoleaf is one of our favorite selections! 

Smart color-changing light panels are available from Nanoleaf and can be connected to your music, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. With the panels, you may decorate the wall in your workspace with a unique pattern and add light.

3 - Create a Desk Setup and Declutter Your Space

It's best to assume that most of your work will be done on your desk. How your workspace is organized might affect how productive you are. You don't want to work in a messy workspace because clutter can impair performance. Having too many things may be unpleasant and overwhelming. Keep a garbage can and recycling bin near you, so you can trash whatever you don't need. Desk mounts or Paper trays are simple organizational tools to clear your desk clutter. Indigo provides a wide range of desktop organization products.

4 - Bring Home Some Green (AKA House Plants) 

A plant or two in your work area may assist in filtering the air while also tidying up the space!

Snake plants, Ivy, Monsteras, Pothos, and Peace Lily are low-maintenance plants in your workspace. They require minimal watering, and they do well in any light conditions. Those common house plants can usually be found at your local garden nursery or big box stores. You don't want to invest in an actual plant? That's OK. You can also pick up some artificial plants that look just as great without requiring care or maintenance. According to studies, making a workplace "greener" or seeing the color "green" can boost productivity and improve the mood around you. 

5 - Decorate the Office

Designing and carving out the ideal home office can keep you focused.  

Here are the following to design an engaging home office:  

  1. You may keep it basic and modern or make it distinctive and vibrant.  
  2. Focus on functionality, storage layout, lighting, and accessories while designing your workplace.
  3. To add a splash of color to your workstation, utilize wall space to hang wallpapers, paintings, or pictures.
  4. If you become weary of the layout, you may easily rearrange the furnishings in the room. You should feel at ease enough to spend the entire day there. Architectural Digest has a list of 65 home office design Ideas.

Decorating your office will take time, but it'll be worth it! If you get tired of the layout, you can always change it around and switch up the furniture in the room. 

Key Learning:

Establishing or Creating a Home Office looks at certain aspects to improve productivity and stability for a healthier work environment. Having a desk setup, good lighting, getting an ergonomic chair, and decluttering your workspace. Bring some plants, and furnish your home office to be you. 

These are five ways to upgrade your home office recommended by Litespace.

Hassan Jaffar
Hassan Jaffar

Hassan has always been passionate about startups and has 5+ years in building products and creating designs. He is thrilled to share lessons learned from building companies' culture.

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