Revitalize Company Culture with Virtual Coworking

September 21st, 2023
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Revitalize Company Culture with Virtual Coworking

Learn How to Use Virtual Coworking to Elevate Your Company Culture! Uncover Key Trends and Implement Proven Strategies for Success.

What is Virtual Coworking? 

Virtual coworking is changing the way we collaborate. It allows people working remotely to work together, breaking down geographical barriers. Whether you like a well-organized setup or a more flexible one, virtual coworking lets you work from home, making you feel like you belong and are responsible for your work.

From a 2021 survey of 2000 individuals working remotely in the US and UK, 67% found it harder to make friends and maintain relationships with colleagues. Additionally, employee turnover ratios have skyrocketed. Now is the best time to use virtual coworking to tackle company culture and employee wellbeing.

The Future of Coworking with Virtual Spaces

In the future, virtual coworking will be a large part of how we work. It's all about mixing remote work with going into the office when needed. This helps companies save money because they don't need as much office space. Virtual spaces will let teams from all over the world work together easily leading to a range of different ideas and talents.

Although employees will have greater flexibility in where and when they work, they will still need to be accountable and maintain connections. Virtual coworking might even turn into places where creative individuals from different fields can work together on personal projects. These virtual spaces will also be flexible, so people can set them up the way they like. 

How Virtual Coworking Can Supercharge Company Culture

Building A Sense of Community

In today's world of hybrid and remote work, creating a sense of community is crucial to helping remote employees feel connected, engaged, and productive.

Building a sense of community within the workplace can result in:

  • Better employee engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • Employee retention and loyalty
  • Better innovation and collaboration
  • Improved wellness and mental health

Effective communication is the key to thriving workplace communities and an important part of virtual coworking. It involves creating an environment where team members can openly and consistently exchange ideas, updates, and feedback. When team members feel valued and heard, albeit virtually, it leads to more ideas shared and more productive work. Whether through emails, team messaging apps, or regular check-ins, fostering a culture of open communication is key to building a strong sense of community within an organization.

Implementation and Promotion of Company Values

Virtual coworking offers a unique opportunity for companies to effectively implement their core values within their teams. By providing a digital platform for team members to interact and collaborate, virtual coworking can serve as an opportunity to put values into action. 

The virtual aspect allows recognition and feedback to be a more convenient process, allowing employees to reflect and align with company perspectives. With open and regular discussions within virtual spaces, team members can explore how company values translate into their day-to-day tasks. 

Rapid-Fire Tips and Tricks for Successful Virtual Coworking

When approaching virtual coworking, there are several strategies you can implement to be successful. Here are some to get you started:

  • Create a routine! Whether it be team-specific or with an accountability partner, having a set routine is crucial to building structure
  • Set up a dedicated workspace to minimize distractions and set intentions
  • Leverage platforms like Litespace to see when or if your team is working remotely on a given day

Key Takeaways

Virtual coworking is changing how we collaborate, offering the potential to boost company culture and productivity. The future of work involves a balanced mix of remote and in-office work, all made possible by virtual coworking spaces.

To supercharge company culture in virtual workspaces, it's crucial to create a sense of community. Achieving success in virtual coworking requires practical strategies, such as establishing routines and making the most of specialized platforms like Litespace.

Sarah Xu
Sarah Xu

Sarah is a Marketing and Content Intern bringing a fresh perspective to Litespace. Keen to help companies build stronger corporate cultures in hybrid environments, she is leveraging her background in marketing and communications. 

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