20 Staff Appreciation Quotes for your Workplace

Apr 10, 2024
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20 Staff Appreciation Quotes for your Workplace

Appreciate your staff using one of the 20 appreciation quotes we have compiled to show your employees you see their hard work and dedication.


How often do you appreciate the people that are within the heart of your workplace? The answer is not enough. Staff are the glue that holds together an organization. The numerous roles employees play in driving creativity, keeping up momentum and stimulating innovations deserve more flowers. Finding the perfect way to express your appreciation does not have to be complicated. To begin you can start by sending a short appreciation quote, thereafter you can graduate to bigger things (wink every employee would love a bonus). We have taken the liberty to compile a list of popular, funny or corny appreciation quotes. 

Why are staff appreciation quotes important?

Motivation: You may never know who needs that extra reassurance or a little recognition to keep their motivation levels high. An appreciation quote signals to your employees that you see their dedication and value their contribution, therefore, motivating them. 

Positive Work Culture: Frequent displays of appreciation curate a work culture that appreciates the efforts of their employees. This could translate across staff which results in an overall boost in morale. 

Great example: Being a leader means setting an example. In constantly appreciating your staff, you serve as a great example of a leader. Through networking, company leads and staff alike could be influenced as people who feel appreciated often share when they do so. Therefore, in sharing with their peers and superiors it may result in setting an example to follow.

Communication: Communication is an important skill in the workplace. What better way to implement open and honest communication than through staff appreciation?

20 Staff Appreciation Quotes

Work Ethic

  • 1. Your dedication and hard work are truly appreciated. Thank you for everything you do!
  • 2. Thank you for your exceptional work ethic and for always giving 100%. We couldn't do it without you!
  • 3. You are always responsible and strive to complete your work well and on time. It is very appreciated.


  • 1. Congratulations on your great victory! Only you could have pulled it off!
  • 2. Happy work anniversary! Each year you have spent with us has been categorised by hearty laughs and your great work dynamic.
  • 3. Watching you grow has been inspirational. Congratulations on your promotion!
  • 4. You are such a bright individual. Keep shining.
  • 5. Congratulations. No one has the dedication and drive that matches yours. Well deserved!

Overall Appreciation

  • 1. Good work! You are an outstanding individual.
  • 2. Good morning, I just wanted to say thank you for always making us coffee.
  • 3. Thank you to a resilient motivated individual!
  • 4. I do not need a reason to say thank you. You are awesome!
  • 5. Your corny jokes make meetings that much better. Thank you for being a ball of sunshine.

Team Contribution

  • 1. In a world where you can be anything, thank you for being part of our team.
  • 2. The success of our team is a reflection of your hard work and commitment. Thank you for being a driving force behind our accomplishments.
  • 3. Since you joined the team, you have had an immeasurable effect on our dynamic. Thank you for your great contributions.
  • 4. Your ideas have brought our project to life. Kudos!
  • 5. Go team Blue! we have finished all our deliverables. Each and every one of you has been indispensable to our project. Good job.

Outstanding Attitude

  • 1. Your positive attitude and commitment to excellence make a real difference. Thank you for all your efforts.
  • 2. The energy and enthusiasm you bring to the team are contagious. We are so grateful to have you with us.
  • 3. You are the heart and soul of our team. Thank you for your unwavering dedication.
  • 4. We are so grateful for your hard work, dedication, and positive attitude. Thank you for being an amazing part of our team.
  • 5. No one else brings up the morale like you do! Thank you for the cheery attitude, we all benefit from it. 


Now that you have all these suggestions, give your staff their flowers as soon as yesterday!

Ruby Janira
Ruby Janira

Ruby is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace. She is eager to apply her background in communications to transform thoughts into words and ideas into engaging narratives.

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