The Top Virtual Coworking Space Platforms in 2023

June 3rd, 2023
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The Top Virtual Coworking Space Platforms in 2023

Explore the leading virtual coworking platforms shaping the remote work landscape. Discover innovative spaces revolutionizing online collaboration and productivity.

What is a Virtual Coworking Space?

Think WeWork, without the commuting, and then make it virtual. The concept of coworking goes way back, but only in recent years did the idea of virtual coworking become more popular and adopted by remote workers around the world. A virtual coworking space offers similar benefits as a physical coworking space - providing a sense of community and accountability, from the comfort of your own home and without constant disruptions. 

Today, there are hundreds of options when it comes to virtual coworking. From a casual FaceTime with your long distance best friend to a weekly zoom call with your coworkers to a more structured focus session conducted by professionals, virtual coworking is here to stay. 

Here are the Top Virtual Coworking Space Platforms in 2023 (in no particular order):

1. Flow Club

Founded in 2021, Flow Club was designed to fight distractions. Combining popular methods to help with focus and boost productivity, Flow Club provides coworking sessions that help you manage the downsides of working remotely. 

How does it work?

Users can book a session through the Flow Club website with any of the hosts, depending on your work style and preferences. Then, you simply show up to your scheduled session and work away! Members are encouraged to share their goals at the beginning of the sessions to set up external accountability and contribute to a supportive community.

Memberships start from $33.33 monthly. You can also sign up for a free trial!

2. Cofocus

What’s better than free coworking sessions? Unlimited free coworking sessions. Founded in 2020, Cofocus offers 50 minute 1-1 coworking sessions aimed to transcend utilitarian value and provide deep personal experiences. The cool thing about it is that it connects you with people from all over the world. 

How does it work?

You simply select your preferred time to work and Cofocus will find you a match! It’s like Tinder, for ultimate coworking productivity. You show up, share your goals, and work away! 

Join the Cofocus community for free.

3. Focus Sessions

Welcome to the most productive 90 minutes of your life. Focus Sessions offers unlimited, facilitated virtual coworking that is distraction-free and science-backed to help you get your most important work done. Focus Sessions was founded in 2021 by a women-led, business growth strategy firm - Let’s Collective. As business owners and entrepreneurs themselves, the team at Focus Sessions strongly believe in human connection and sustainable growth.

How does it work?

A membership with Focus Sessions grants you unlimited sessions each week where you can book your session based on their weekly schedule. When the time comes, you just show up and get to work! Expect proper guidance and structured framework that ensures maximized focus and productivity. 

Memberships start from $47 a month. They also offer a 7 day free trial!

4. Groove

Groovin’ since 2021, Groove offers 50 minute on-demand coworking sessions with their hosts and your chosen coworkers, Groovers. As “a global movement of people journeying through their life together,” Groove is on a mission to build camaraderie, promoting group loyalty and a shared commitment and discipline towards work. 

How does it work?

Groove fits right into your day. Anyone can join for free by filling in an application form on their website, expressing your interest and the projects you’re working on.

5. Flown

Just like what their name entails, Flown allows you to fly from distraction and finally tackle that to-do list you’ve been holding off. Founded in 2019, Flown is built around six key aspects of behavioral science and neuroscience (They definitely know what they’re doing). They offer over 50 focus sessions weekly conducted by a team of facilitators and of various session types such as Flocks, Portholes, Airflow, Almanac, and Awe Walks - one for everybody!

How does it work?

Members can log in and simply jump right into a drop-in session anytime, or book ahead by selecting from their scheduled calendar. Write your intentions and share your goals before silently working cohesively and celebrate when you’re finished! 

Memberships start from $19 a month. Sign up for a 30 day free trial today or join one of their forever free Friday sessions!

Why Virtual Coworking?

One way that a virtual coworking space helps us is by connecting us with like-minded people all across the world. It eliminates the physical barrier and introduces us to a world of opportunities. For example, Cofocus matches you with someone who shares a similar work style and a common schedule whereas platforms such as Flow Club, Focus Sessions, Groove, and Flown have a team of facilitators who will guide you through your work session. 

Virtual coworking is an efficient and effective solution to the downsides of remote work such as isolation, loneliness, and the feeling of unmotivation.

So, which virtual coworking space platform is the one for you?

Erica Lim
Erica Lim

Erica is a Marketing Content Analyst at Litespace with a passion to help companies foster stronger corporate culture and better employee engagement in the hybrid work environment. Specializing in marketing and communications, Erica is eager to share her knowledge and research on hybrid work. 

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