What Does An RTO Specialist Do?

August 15th, 2023
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What Does An RTO Specialist Do?

Why need a Return to Office Specialist? Here is an overview of Return to Office (RTO) Specialists working with employers to ease employees to return.

Return to Office Specialists are slowly becoming well known for their methods and techniques of supporting companies in getting back to the office. Where their methods and techniques have looked beyond what people and their psychology in the working force and environment within the past few years. 

These specialists focus on providing information and directly working with the employer. The most important part of their job process is to plan. So there is more to their specialization where they're analyzing your workplace and work arrangement. 

This will address what employers and executives within the company are looking for to improve and get their employees back into their offices. 

Talent Pool for Return to Office 

The Talent Pool for RTO brings new insights into how we work with change and having these specialists. After the pandemic, we have adapted to the new work model, but now some more changes are coming along in the workforce for GENZ employees. 

As RTO Specialists they have to do critical thinking and analytics skills to complete their job. Here is what they bring to the table for employers and executives: 

  • Inform you and your employer about the return-to-work procedure and inform you both of your rights and responsibilities.
  • Find the problems that stand in the way of your return to work and the necessary intervention(s) to solve them for a successful return to work outcome.
  • assisting you and your employer in creating a strategy for your eventual return to your prior position, with or without modifications.
  • Assist you and your employer in coordinating your return to work, which may require additional accommodations and/or a move to a different position with your current employer or with a different employer if necessary. Provide expert guidance, vocational rehabilitation planning, and support.

Is a Specialist Needed for Return To Office (RTO)?  

As we are looking at the news updates many companies are: 

In 2022, CNBC revealed that “about  50% of leaders say their company already requires or is planning to require employees to return to in-person work full-time in the next year, according to new research from Microsoft, which surveyed 31,102 workers around the world between January and February.” - With 5 days work week to return to the office. 

In 2023, CNBC also revealed that employers, managers, bosses, and executives want their employees to be in the office 2 to 3 times per week since it has become a “norm” and providing their return to office plan and requirements for employees to mandate these to become regular. They wanted to have some control over handling the amount of flexibility and productivity in the results of what they were showcasing to their clients. 

Why we need an RTO Specialist in action?

Yes, we are looking at the company’s growth cycle and ensuring we meet all return-to-office requirements and policies for our employees and employers and making sure that employees fit in a smooth transition RTO plan to make their shift by coming to the office 2 or 3 times a week. 

Here is what comes in handy with making sure you have the correct resources and are highly recommended by Litespace:

  1. Flexible Return to Office Plan  
  2. Hybrid Work Policy 
  3. Return to Office Survey 
  4. Sample of Return to Office Survey  

These 4 resources will provide a brief overview to be prepared while you're looking for an RTO Specialist.

Why Retention?

Retention is what is driving these RTO Specialists to find talent to be retained and be able to measure employees' long-term work since options are limited for any employer hiring. Some companies are taking talent risks and that brings working conditions to provide flexibility. 

To Retain - Employees that should have a purpose that builds on their vision and mission statement. 

Nowadays, purpose matters and some of them are to keep building and learning. All about growth and maintaining a balance in talent recruitment brings a lot of concerns about picking the right candidate for the job. 

RTO Specialist(s) will analyze all of that to create growth and opportunity to keep developing at your job. Recruiting fresh talent brings a lot to the table since what they want to do is learn and get the proper training which is a crucial part of the job when you're being onboarded. 

  1. Create a set pace for all employees to learn 
  2. New Talent brings new skills in handling situations 
  3. Making sure employees' workplace and workspace arrangements are properly provided 
  4. Using the resources to set a mandate or plan make sure it is revised by the specialist since you will change and understand it takes some time to adapt to new policies or mandates set by employers, managers, or executives. 

These are some openers to getting started with RTO specialists when you're in the retention zone in developing learnings from your employees and have an actionable start for better flexibility.

Aqsa Aamir
Aqsa Aamir

Aqsa Aamir is a Digital Strategist at Litespace and has a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. Aqsa has experience in several areas of business and digital strategy. Aqsa's proficiency in creating hybrid work tactics to offer guidance in content planning. Her current focus is on hybrid work models and culture building in marketing. 

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