Benefits of Returning to the Office

April 26th, 2023
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Benefits of Returning to the Office

Explore the perks of returning to the office, from job satisfaction to improved performance. Uncover how the office environment can fuel professional success.

The remote work norm and rise of coworking spaces might leave you stranded on the decision of working from home or in the office. Many companies are gradually encouraging their employees to return to the office in an effort to promote an in-person work culture. Is it finally time to switch out those sweatpants for actual work pants? 

Benefits of RTO

1. Employee Engagement

Being in the office creates opportunities for face-to-face interactions, organic discussions, and meaningful conversations. This will increase employee engagement in your workplace! A shared workspace allows employees to experience a sense of belonging and pride, as everyone around you is working towards a common purpose and goal. A higher employee engagement also means better performance, since it fosters team spirit and commitment!

2. Boost Productivity 

Working remotely often results in lower work efficiency due to the comfort of your own home. Sometimes, the physical difference between your home and your workplace is exactly what sets apart your performance. Not only does the office provide a less distracting and structured workspace, it offers employees access to resources, technologies, and tools that most of us lack at home. A healthy work-life balance is the key ingredient to boosting productivity. Try establishing clear boundaries between your workplace and your personal space and see how it affects your job performance!

3. Human Connection

As humans, we are social beings who crave physical human connection from time to time. Returning to the office creates a social setting where employees can gather to converse and form closer relationships in a more casual manner, developing a sense of community within the workplace. It is important to foster human connection as it creates a sense of purpose for employees, improving mental function and cognitive performance. 

4. Drive Collaboration

Collaboration is critical to organizational success. Returning to the office drives collaboration and teamwork, allowing employees to exchange knowledge, share ideas, and contribute to feedback, all in a more engaging manner that could not be replicated through Zoom calls and cold emails from your kitchen counter. Collaborating in real-time fosters synergy which ultimately leads to a strong work culture. 

5. Improve Health and Well-being

The physical and mental well-being of your employees is the bread and butter of a productive and fulfilled workforce. Feelings of isolation and loneliness are especially common for employees working remotely. The physical presence of other people allows you to feel more connected and supported. A healthy body and mind are what keep the juices flowing, so take advantage of your office space!

Returning to Office Isn’t As Bad As It Sounds

If you are used to working from the comfort of your own home, doing your daily tasks in a cubicle might not sound appealing to most workers. However, with the right strategy and work model, an effective office set-up and workplace culture can be a game changer for companies that are eager to bring their employees back to the office. 

Do what works best for you and for your employees! Whether your team is remote, in the office, or hybrid, litespace can support you. Learn more about the different work models here.

Key Takeaways

Returning to the office can benefit you, whether as an employer or an employee. Here’s how:

  • Increased employee engagement which is proven to improve job satisfaction. Without engagement at work, employees are more likely to feel demotivated!
  • Boosts productivity in the workplace, promoting a healthy work-life balance that is key when it comes to performance.
  • Fosters human connection which creates a sense of purpose and meaning for employees. Tip: this improves cognitive performance!
  • Drive (real, organic) collaboration within the workplace, developing synergy and a strong teamwork culture at the office.
  • Improve the physical health and mental well-being of your employees. A healthy body + a refreshed mind = employee satisfaction (aka better performance!)
Erica Lim
Erica Lim

Erica is a Marketing Content Analyst at Litespace with a passion to help companies foster stronger corporate culture and better employee engagement in the hybrid work environment. Specializing in marketing and communications, Erica is eager to share her knowledge and research on hybrid work. 

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