What Is A Return To Work Program?

September 10th, 2023
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What Is A Return To Work Program?

The Return to Work Program supports companies to intake details that create a work environment and flexibility as a combination to explore.

Returning to the office companies will always provide more detail on what they are looking for in an improved process that employees can understand. The change has imprinted on every workforce, industry, and people. 

So companies need to have a basic understanding of their work environment, mission and vision after the pandemic, and their employees. According to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), “A return to work program is a workplace's written plan that focuses on finding meaningful and suitable work for workers coming back to the workplace from injury or illness. The program should include prevention, accommodation, and recovery support.

As mentioned above, the 2022 concept of the return to work program was primarily focused on employees with an injury or illness returning to the office. The concept of the return to work program from employers' and executive points of view has changed as they want to bring back their employees.

In 2023, the return to work program concept has added more for employees returning to be “welcoming” and that is the slight change with the CCOHS. At the same time, the return to work program brings more value to the return to office plan. The company will be implementing as the pandemic goes or comes because they need to maintain a level of productivity and a collaborative environment for every employee.  

What Is A Return To Work Program? 

So, what exactly is the RTW Program? The program specifically now looks in-depth at how the company can bring its Return to Office Plan into action. 

The focus of the return to work program looks at the following: 

  1. Return to Work Letter - which explains what the company plans to do with certain aspects of the work environment and culture 
  2. Return to Work Policy or Hybrid Work Policy - what actions the company will take and well well-guided timeline with that specific policy that will change or be improved for employees 

Overall focus on the recovery of all employees returning to the workplace with an improved work environment and be more innovative. 

Read More 👉 A Flexible Return to Office Plan Template

What Are The Benefits Of RTW Program? 

The Benefits of the RTW Program are: 

  1. Keeping the employee involved and active at work.
  2. Preserving the employee's income during a prepared recovery.
  3. Maintaining the employee's contribution to the workplace.
  4. Lowering compensation costs at work.

These 4 are key benefits considering both parties' opinions and understanding what improves their chances for a safe working environment. Each company is different so the benefits will be slightly different from what they consider to bring more input to their employees. 

What Accommodations You Can Be Eligible For? 

The accommodation may vary from company to company considering what helps their employees. Each company’s eligible have their own agenda which reflects the return to office plan. As companies want to show their focus support to their employees are: 

  1. Flexibility Working Hours 
  2. Modifying their priorities when it comes to task
  3. Modification for their working space and environment 
  4. Providing Career Learning and Mentorship to develop their employee's skills

All of these accommodations bring a high level of focus on employees' productivity and collaboration to get more involved. 

Why Does Your Company Need An RTW Program?

Your company needs to develop ways where employees have questions and concerns. The process of preparing for an RTW Program is to begin with the Return to Office Survey. The survey brings new pointers that help companies consider employees' needs and goals for a company's future growth.

Learn More 👉 Return to Office Survey Questionnaire + Template

Companies will always look from a strategic point of view when it comes to the RTW Program. Why is that? 

1. Recovery from the Pandemic

  • Employees may need assistance that is mentally or physically related to their work demands

2. Readjustments to return to office 

  • Work Environment 
  • Workspace management 
  • Reintegrate and help them adjust to the new policies  

These two aspects improve the company's overall thought because each employee is different and works differently.

Aqsa Aamir
Aqsa Aamir

Aqsa Aamir is a Digital Strategist at Litespace and has a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. Aqsa has experience in several areas of business and digital strategy. Aqsa's proficiency in creating hybrid work tactics to offer guidance in content planning. Her current focus is on hybrid work models and culture building in marketing. 

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