10 Funny Employee Appreciation Day Memes

Apr 4, 2024
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10 Funny Employee Appreciation Day Memes

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with a twist! Explore our collection of top ten employee appreciation day memes to keep the appreciation going all year round.

A little completion of memes never kill nobody and here’s the proof! Celebrate employee appreciation day with our memes. 


Each year, on the first Friday of March, we celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. That day is an excellent way for companies to show appreciation to their employees. But why not appreciate employees by sending them memes every day rather than seizing the celebration in one day?

If you’re looking for funny employee appreciation day memes, you’re in the right spot. We will share ten of our favourites so your employees feel appreciated daily.

10 Employee Appreciation Day Meme

  1. Boromir of Gondor

Yes, it’s true; one simply can’t celebrate employee appreciation day in a small way. That day should be celebrated properly, like the hobbits’ feast in the Shire. All-day celebration with fantastic food and hopefully without the attack of Sauron!

  1. Bill Lumbergh from Office Space

We all know that feeling when your supervisor calls all the staff for a meeting? But, imagine this time it’s for celebrating the employee appreciation day. Who doesn’t want to have meetings like that every day?

  1. Clark Kent

Let’s be real, all employees are supermen disguised as Clark Kents at the office. They save the office during the day and save Metropolis at night. So, like Superman says, “You're much stronger than you think you are.”

  1. Forrest Gump

Who wouldn't like to sit on a peaceful bench with Forrest Gump and just like that celebrate employee appreciation day? Count us in. 

  1. Stark Trek’s Captain Kirk

The captain of the Starfleet wishes you a happy employee appreciation day! This is the pure evidence of how your work reached out of our galaxy. So, live long and prosper.

  1. Eel Fish

This meme is for all the employees who are impatient to celebrate the employee appreciation day. Please, be patient, we eel celebrate it all together. 

  1. Jonathan Goldsmith a.k.a. The Most Interesting Man in the World 

Maybe your boss doen’t usually thank you enough for your work. But, when he does, believe in us, this means that he appreciates you. 

  1. The Beckhams 

Let’s be honest, pizza parties might sound like a cliche. But, who doesn’t love bonding over a great slice of pizza and a good laughter? So, we’re team Victoria Beckham.

  1. Kevin Hart

Even bosses can make mistakes and forget to celebrate employee appreciation day. So, don’t be shocked like Kevin Hart and send them a reminder email and let the party begin!

  1. The Great Gatsby

Can you image in a party without the great Gatsby? Absolutely not. Then, let’s raise our glasses to thank the whole team and party like a Gatsby.


We have presented 10 funny employee appreciation day memes to lighten up your day. It’s important to know that employees need to feel appreciated not just one day, but every day, So, if you’re looking for a funny way to celebrate your colleague, send them some of our memes and make their day.

Take a look at our “How to Plan an Unforgettable Employee Appreciation Day Celebration in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide” blog to learn more Employee Appreciation Day. If you want to send great quotes to send your colleagues, take a look at our “30 Employee Appreciation Quotes To Share With Your Team” blog. 

Don’t forget you can always create your own memes with Meme Generator or Canva!

Gayé Padir
Gayé Padir

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