10 Entertaining Team Meeting Ideas

Apr 13, 2024
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10 Entertaining Team Meeting Ideas

Discover ten fun team meeting ideas to boost spirit and engagement. Perfect for bringing excitement to corporate settings and enhancing teamwork.

Do you want to schedule an entertaining team meeting and have no idea? Then, you’re at the right place. We share 10 entertaining team meeting ideas so you don’t have to.


Sometimes, finding a moment to spend quality time with your team members can be challenging in corporate life. After all, all employees have busy schedules and important meetings to attend. However, organizing fun team meetings can be a great way to boost team spirit.

In this blog, we will provide ten entertaining team meeting ideas that you can use to animate your next meeting and engage your team.

10 Entertaining Team Meeting Ideas

1. Go to a Virtual Escape Room

This team meeting idea is for the ones who seek adrenaline from the comfort of their home. Virtual escape rooms are an excellent way for employees to mingle and boost team spirit as they solve puzzles and find clues.

2. Organize Themed Meetings

Who says that the only time employees dress up is for Halloween? Select a popular movie or TV show amongst the employees and let them work their magic. Create a contest with the best dress-up winner and give them a prize!

3. Have a “Show and Tell”

It's important to remember that employees are more than their jobs; they have their interests and hobbies, too. So, why not have a "Show and Tell" event where employees can introduce their unique interests and hobbies? This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get to know each other casually.

4. Host a Trivia Night

Trivia nights have always been popular, especially when combined with delicious snacks; it's hard to top up this event. To create an engaging yet competitive environment, ask questions based on your industry, popular culture, and movies/TV shows.

5. Play “2 Truths and a Lie”

Two truths and a lie is a classic game where participants say three statements about themselves. But one of these statements is not correct. This simple game is an excellent way to learn more about other members and discover fun facts about them.

6. Coordinate a Potluck Lunch

A Potluck refers to a gathering where everyone contributes a homemade dish from their country to be shared. Potlucks offer employees to experience different food around the world as well as introducing them to different cultures. 

7. Set Up a “No Agenda” Meeting

Have you ever heard of a meeting without an agenda? You may think no, as it will be a total waste of time. But what if we said setting up a “no agenda” meeting would be fun? Letting the conversation go naturally can take an unexpected and exciting turn.

8. Have a “Yes Meeting”

“Yes Day” is when parents say yes to their kids’ requests, and it sounds like a super fun idea. When we adapt this to corporate life, we have a “Yes Meeting” where you accept whatever employees say for that day. For instance, if they want to end the meeting there and go out for lunch, say yes!

9. Plan an Improv Workshop

Organize an improv workshop with an actor to teach your employees the basics of improvisation in a fun environment. The workshop will help them enhance their adaptability and quick-thinking skills.

10. Host an Online Language Lesson

If you have a team member who speaks multiple languages, ask them to lead an online language lesson. This can strengthen team spirit while introducing a new language to employees.


Integrating fun and interactive elements into team meetings is not just a way to break the monotonous corporate life, but a strategic approach to enhancing team spirit and boosting morale.

We hope that these ten entertaining team meeting ideas assist you with your brainstorming. If you’re interested in learning more about strategies to rejoin your team, read our “Strategies For Rejoining The Team And Boosting Collaboration” blog.

Gayé Padir
Gayé Padir

Gaye is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace. She completed her bachelor's in sociology and later obtained a certificate in marketing. She's eager to combine her sociology knowledge and marketing to create compelling content for Litespace.

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